5 Timeless Furniture With Wood+Glass Combination To Last You A Lifetime

Wood brings a rustic and warm vibe while glass adds a chic and luxurious touch to the piece. Elegant and stylish, the combination of wood and glass furniture will last you a lifetime. 

They are also easy to style and blend into any home interiors decors, be it Scandinavian, Minimalist, Industrial or an Eclectic look. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table, display cabinet or dining table, there’s is something for every home.

Check out this list of furniture in Singapore that will give your space that fresh look it needs! 

monkey pod display coffee table for lego falcon singapore

Cyanne Suar Wood Display Coffee Table

Its beautiful Suar wood grain framed by sleek black metal frames gives off an elegant and industrial look. Keep your prized items dust-free and display it your living room with this coffee table! Just like all other types of wood, the wood grains on each piece is unique, giving you a one-of-a-kind coffee table in Singapore!

Solid Wood Coffee Table With Storage

Enrique Teak Coffee Table

With its simple and clean silhouette, this coffee table never goes out of style with its timeless look! It comes with a drawer and a large glass top, perfect for storing your keepsakes! 

Style it up however you like! For a Coastal-themed home, fill the drawer with some sand and seashells. If you’re going for a retro look, display your stamp collections or other childhood keepsakes!

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Cyanne Suar Wood Display Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Enrique Teak Coffee Table


Shelves & Cabinets

Gabriella Teak Glass Cabinet


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Edina Teak Coffee Table


storage cabinet for decorative items

Gabriella Teak Glass Cabinet

Rounded corners of this glass teak cabinet give off a mid-century Scandinavian look. Display your collectables and keep them away from dust and dirt with this timeless piece. Install a light inside the cabinet to really make your display shine. 

monkeypod scandinavian round dining table

Addisen Suar Wood Round Dining Table

One common worries that homeowners have when it comes to purchasing wooden dining tables is that there might be water rings left behind by cold drinks or that it will get scratches or dents easily. While placing coasters or table cloth can solve these worries easily, it can affect the aesthetic of the dining table by covering up the natural wood grain. 

Another solution we have is to simply place a glass top over the table! This helps to protect the wood while displaying the unique wood grain in the dining area. It also makes cleaning and maintenance of the table easy.

Personalize this table by placing some photographs or pressed flowers underneath the glass! 

Imelda Teak TV Console With Black Glass Doors 

Keep your living room clean and clutter-free with this Imelda Teak TV Console. It sliding doors features black stained glass instead of the usual clear glass doors, allowing you to peak through the glass while offering privacy at the same time when you’re looking at it from afar.



Bedside Tables & Storage

Emmalynne Teak Storage Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Evangelyn Teak Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Sherwin Teak Glass Cabinet


Shelves & Cabinets

Seleen Teak Cabinet Rattan


Office Storage

Ellianne Teak Cabinet


Shelves & Cabinets

Tayron Teak Altar Table



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