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Known for its durability and high oil content which gives it its water-resistant properties, teak wood has been a popular choice for many homeowners for quality home furnishing whether its for indoor or outdoor furniture in Singapore. Prized for its longevity of usage and the appeal of its natural wood grains and golden glow, you can find almost every furniture in teak wood from tv console, sideboards to bedframes. Here in Singapore, teak has also become a highly coveted material amongst those looking to add a Scandinavian or vintage touch to their living space. With the right knowledge, maintain your teak wood furniture to preserve its natural beauty. 

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What is Teak Wood? 

Native to south and southeast Asia (mainly in Indonesia, India and Myanmar), teak is a tropical hardwood with a yellowish heartwood and a whitish to pale brown sapwood that can grow over 130 feet. However, under constant exposure to the UV rays under the sun, outdoor furniture crafted from teak can achieve a silver to grey finish. 

Rich in natural oil, teak wood is both water and pest-resistant. It also requires little maintenance which makes it ideal for building ships and architecture in the past. However, teakwood does not come with a cheap price tag due to its manufacturing process and the number of years it takes for a tree to fully mature before it can be harvested. 

Advantages of Teak Wood 

The natural oil helps to repel water, making it ideal to withstand the weather elements outdoor. Other than that, the natural oil also makes it pest-resistant and other damages that may be caused by other insects. Strong and durable, teak is the ideal material for outdoor furniture and indoor furniture alike.  

Its honey golden brown adds a warm and inviting touch to any space. As teak furniture pieces age over time, its original colour can transform into a silvery-grey tone to achieve a rustic look. This process is sped up when the furniture is placed outdoors under direct sunlight. However, with proper care, you can maintain it’s original warm golden brown. 

Though teak does not require much attention and care given its resilient nature but that does not mean they do not require cleaning at all! To make your investment worth for a lifetime, learn how to maintain their lustre to keep them in pristine condition throughout the years. 


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Teak Wood Care

Regular cleaning of your teak furniture not only ensures that they are always kept in good condition, but it also makes it easier to get rid of any stains or grime that might become hard to remove over time. 

What you need is simply a soft cloth with a solution of warm water and mild soap! Give your teak wood a wipe every week. If there are any spills or stains, remove them immediately. For stubborn stains, try using a soft-bristled brush to remove them. Always make sure that your cloth is damp, not dripping wet so as not to leave any droplets of water on the surface of your furniture!

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