5 Fail-Proof Tips To Pick The Right Artwork For Your Home

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No matter how well you’ve furnished your space, bare walls can still make your space feel like there’s something missing, like a sentence without a punctuation mark. 

Picking out an artwork for your space can seem daunting with the endless variety of artworks available on the market. How big should the piece be? What colour should I go for? Would a wall gallery of artworks or a single piece of artwork be more suited for my space? If you also have these questions in mind, these tips below will help to clear them up!

01. Theme of The Room

You’ll want to keep the look of your space cohesive, so go with the theme of the room while browsing for an artwork. If it’s a minimalist, muji-inspired room, you’ll want to pick an artwork that follows the theme as well instead of having something loud and bright that disrupts the theme of your space.



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02. Focal Point of the Room

The moment you step into the room, where are you drawn towards? That’s the focal point of your space. As a general rule of thumb, every room should only have one focal point. If the bed frame is already the focal point of the bedroom, choose an artwork that blends nicely with the rest of the room. If there’s no focal point, make the artwork the focal point!

For this bedroom, the beautiful four poster bedframe is already the focal point so the artwork featuring a bunny is kept monochromatic to blend nicely with the rest of the room. 

03. Design of Your Layout

While the size of the wall is important in deciding the size of your artwork, the furnishings are also another factor to consider. For example, a large painting would look good hanging above a sofa. Given the same wall size, the painting would not look as good if it hangs above a console table.

04. Have One Artwork Over Many

Having a piece of artwork in your space can never go wrong! A wall gallery of artwork on the other hand, offers room for many mistakes. Instead of a clean, curated wall, it could look cluttered and messy. It can also make your room feel smaller than it already is. But if you wish to take on the challenge, remember to read up this guide to creating the perfect wall gallery!

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05. Follow Your Gut 

The piece may be a coveted piece amongst collectors. but if it’s going to be in your space, it has to be something you like, not what others like! While the tips above can give you a general idea of what type of artwork you can look for to complete the look of your space, picking out the one you like is still the most important tip of all. So, have fun picking out an artwork and stop stressing about it!

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