Photo Gallery: Furniture Customization For HDBs and BTOs in Singapore

This homeowner has elevated the look of their worship corner with this customized altar table to carry out their devotion to their religion. Customized items can help to make full use of that corner in your house or give your space a unique look! 

Looking to refresh your space? Did you know getting all your items at the same time from the same store makes it easier to match the color of all the items? From the teak sofa, coffee table, stool to the wooden bench, this homeowner purchased them all from Wihardja! 

Take a look at how these 5 other homeowners in Singapore has customized their furniture with us – from size, colors, fabric and material. 

Roman Teak Daybed

We’re loving this look as much as our customer did! Color of the fabric is customisable, and this homeowner has chosen the same color for both the daybed and the stools that come with the coffee table to make it a set. Take a look below to check out how these other customized Singapore furniture turned out in their homes! 

Kayden Teak Sofa

Getting all your furniture from the same furniture store makes it easier to envision how it looks like as a set. You can also customize the furniture items using the same fabric or color to make them blend well, such as the fabric color of the sofa cushions and the armchairs in this living room. 

Lilou Teak TV Cabinet

Finding the tv console with the perfect length can be tough. Save yourself the headache and get one with the perfect dimension for your living room by customizing one at Wihardja! Design your own or choose from our standard designs. 

Shelves & Cabinets

Seela Teak Display Cabinet


Dressing Tables

Samora Teak Vanity Table


Office Storage

Sandrine Teak Sideboard


Office Storage

Samarra Teak Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Samuele Teak Cabinet Rattan


Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Samina Teak Shoe Cabinet


Hansen Teak Four Poster Bed

Poster beds make a grand focal point to your bedroom. This poster bedframe was customized for the size and dimension of this lovely bedroom. Did you know that we can customize the color of the furniture as well? If yours is a quirky and a fun bedroom, get a poster bed in the colour of your choice to match your interior seamlessly! 

Friendship Teak Bench

Looking for a colorful furniture piece to add some colors to their space, one of our customer requested our standard teak bench to be colored with rainbow colors! We had fun doing this bright and cheerful piece and the result is amazing! 

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