Ketchup Hack for Removing Scratches On Wood Furniture

April Fool's Prank by Wihardja


01. Clean and wipe the surface of your wooden furniture to remove any excess dust or dirt.

02. Prepare your ketchup sauce. Chilled ones would have a better effect on removing the scratches. 

03. Cover the scratches on your wood furniture with ketchup generously. Now, wait for an hour. 

04. Remove the ketchup and voila! Those scratches should be gone. Repeat the steps if necessary. 

05. Now, enjoy your smooth and scratch-free wooden furniture! 

And from the Team of Wihardja…

Were you taken in by the Ketchup Hack above? Ketchup actually does not remove scratches on wood furniture! So please do not try it as it might actually leave a stain on your wood furniture! 

However, ketchup can actually help in polishing materials such as copper or brass due to the acidity of it. Let the ketchup cover the tarnish areas for around 5 minutes before washing it away. We promise, this is not a prank! You can read more about it over by The New York Times here.

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