Road Safety Rules: Do Your Child Know These Rules?

Road accidents happen frequently, often due to the lack of safety practices carried out by the pedestrian or the driver while on the road. To practice vigilant while crossing the road, it is best to start educating road safety to your child from young. Bring road safety to your child’s awareness is important and crucial in ensuring their safety when they grow up and become independent later on.

01. Looking both ways before crossing the road.

While crossing the road, besides looking out for the green light, always make sure to look both ways. Following the traffic light alone is never sufficient as there could be unforeseen circumstances – the driver could be in a rush, trying to beat the red light or he could be distracted by something else whilst driving, failing to notice that the traffic light had already turned red.

02. Focus on the Road

Children can be lost in their own thoughts often. Teach them to pay attention to their surroundings so that they can respond in time. That meant no playing or chatting while crossing the road.

03. Recognizing the different road signs in Singapore

Take it as a good opportunity to educate your child about the different road signs you see on the street so that they can learn to recognize it and also understand what it meant. This can prepare them for situations when they are not under your supervision to learn and follow these road signs.  

04. No dashing across the road or traffic light

Children who are still young do not know how to differentiate between a playground which is safe for them to run about and other open space. It is paramount that they learn no running should be allowed on the streets or roads. This can reduce falls and other road incidents.

05. Set rules when riding a car

If your family owns a car, set rules for them whenever they are in the car – such as making sure they have their seatbelts on whenever they are seated in the car. Many passengers tend to buckle their seatbelt only when they are in the front passenger’s seat. Serious injuries can be prevented by seatbelt alone in sudden brakes or car accidents! They should also never be allowed to stick any body parts outside the car when it’s moving.


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