Experiencing Back Pain? Time to Check Your Sofa

Does the colour match the style of the living room? Will leather be easy to maintain and does it fit the budget? When purchasing a new set of sofa bed in Singapore, we usually choose based on its aesthetics and don’t pay much attention to the ergonomics of the sofa. Just like how a good mattress is important for our spine, a sofa can affect our postures too. 

After selecting the model of the sofa, generally, most of us would take a quick seat on it and seal the deal. However, did you know that sofas which do not provide enough support for your spine and pelvis will result in strains? “Many modern sofas are too low and too deep,” says Ms Margo. Modern sofas are becoming more comfier for its users, but these sofas are likely to encourage a poor sitting posture as one tends to slouch without the firm support of the seat.



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Types of Cushions


Foam-filled sofas provide the best support as it is firm and can maintain its shape even after an extended time of usage. For those who have a harder time getting up, look for cushions with high-density foam! It will make your investment last longer as well as it is more durable!  


Fibre-filled sofas are made from polyester, and they provide a more comfort when you sit as compared to the foam-filled sofas. Like the feather-filled cushions, they also require regular fluffing. Fibre is usually also found mixed in the sofa fillings with the other two materials – foam and feather.


Feather-filled cushions are your softest cushions which you can find on the market. Duck feathers are usually used, with some mixture of fibre. Feather-filled sofas topped the list of these three if you want the plushiest sofa experience. However, it requires the highest level of maintenance as well. For example, you will need to make sure that you avoid any spillage of water onto the cushions as they are not waterproof. If not, choose feather-filled sofas that have waterproof covers. 

Though we know how tempting it is to go for the feather-filled cushions, foam-filled cushions will provide better support. Besides, foam-filled cushions will keep its shape much longer and won’t need the constantly fluffing like the feather-filled cushions do! 





Testing your sofa

The Position of your feet

When you lean back against the back of the sofa, your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground. Ideally, when you are in this sitting position, there should be some space between the edge of the sofa seat and the back of your knees. 

Firm vs soft

A soft sofa can be comfortable and most of us would tend to pick it over a firmer sofa. But did you know that soft sofa actually encourages slouching? Besides back issues, it can cause indigestion or gastric-related problems when you slump back onto these sofas after a meal. 

A sofa that is firm is ideal in providing back support; it also makes getting up much easier. However, find a balance between firm and soft. If the sofa is too firm for your liking, it will end up feeling like you’ve landed onto a hard surface everytime you prepare to plop down and unwind after a busy day at work. Ideally, look for a sofa that has a firm cushion for seating but is paired with soft back pillows for comfort. 

The 10 minutes rule

Test out the sofa for at least 10 minutes in the showroom. If you have time to spare, spend a little longer lounging on the sofa. After all, it’s a huge investment considering that you will spend most of your time after work chilling in front of the TV. After sitting on the sofa for 10 minutes, do you feel uncomfortable in any parts of your body? If yes, then the sofa is probably not a good fit for you

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Now that you know how to pick a sofa which encourages good sitting posture and is suitable for your needs, sit in the right position! If you like crossing your legs whenever you sit, stop immediately! Did you know that crossing your legs as you sit for a prolonged period is actually bad for your back? The British Royal Family also disapproves of crossing your knees when you sit (although leading to bad posture might not be the reason for the disapproval). 

Sit with both feet flat on the ground, and make sure that both the knees are resting at the same level as your hips. Sit back with your lower back supported. Use a cushion if there is not enough back support. We know this posture isn’t particularly appealing as what all of us want to do is to just sit back and chill in our favourite position at the end of a busy day! 

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