Customizing Wood Furniture? Here’s What You Should Know

At Wihardja, we specialize in Teak and Suar wood. All standard furniture are customizable; you can modify the dimensions, configuration of drawers, finishing, colour etc. Saw some furniture on Wihardja’s website that you like? But would you prefer to have an extra drawer or shelf? You can request for these changes to be made to the standard furniture we have! 

If the style of furniture we are offering does not suit your home, feel free to send us any pictures of furniture you saw elsewhere – such as a sofa bed on Pinterest! Send us the pictures with dimensions, and we can custom made the furniture to your preferences. However, if what you desire is totally brand new and no one has made such a design before, have no fear. Send us your diagrams with dimensions to as well and we will sort it out for you. 

Customization charge will depend on the amount of work done on top of the price of the standard furniture. Rest assured in knowing that we have our very own factory in Indonesia and custom-made furniture will be crafted by our team of experienced draftsmen and carpenters. All wood used in our furniture are also sourced responsibly.

If you’re customizing your furniture for the first time (or considering), read on to find out the customization journey at Wihardja! 

1. Online

Browse our online website for a better idea of what types of furniture we offer! 

    • Browsing online to get an idea of what Wihardja can customize for you can also save you a trip down to our showrooms. 
    • Saw any furniture that you are interested in? Have any questions about customizing it? Send us your enquiry using the live chat on our website or simply Whatsapp us! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

2. Showroom

After gaining a rough idea of what kind of customization can be done, head down to our showroom to feel the quality of the furniture in Singapore yourself! 

    • Convey your ideas to the staff. (We recommend having a simple sketch or picture for references if you already have an idea of what to customize.)
    • Our staff will show you a visual sketch (or photo) of the end product. 
    • Obtain a quote and an expected time of arrival for your customized piece.

*If you are unsure about the specifications but wish to do a customization after visiting our showroom, approach any staff for their name card and get in touch with them again!





3. Payment

Payments are to be made in full upon confirmation of the customized item. 

    • We accept credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as bank transfer (Singapore only). 
      • For bank transfer: Please make payment and email us your name / IB nick, order number, transaction reference number, payment amount and date of payment. We reserved the rights to release your ordered items if we do not receive your payment within 24 hours after you’ve ordered. 
      • Payment via Smoovpay will be charged with an admin fee of 2.9% on final amount but cap at $10.
      • If payment is made at the showroom, installments plans are available too. 

After your payment is completed, our staffs will convey the information to the factory for your furniture to be custom-made. They will contact you once the item has arrived in Singapore. In the meantime, start clearing your space at home and get ready to welcome the new addition to your space!



Ready Stock




4. Inspection

When the furniture has arrived, our staff will give you a call and offer you the option to head down to our warehouse for an inspection of the product before delivering it to your house. 

    • If you do not want to do an inspection, items will be delivered to your house. 
      • We recommend customers doing an inspection before the delivery as it will save delivery charges and time if the product was found to be unsatisfactory. 
    • If customers are unsatisfied with the end product during the inspection, technical specialists at our warehouse will rectify the issues. Once the issues are rectified, you will be notified and delivery arrangements will be made. 

Bedside Tables & Storage

Aero Teak Side Table Rattan


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Aengus Teak Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Sabrine Teak Coffee Table Rattan


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Adrey Teak Fluted Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Adryel Teak Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Mesha Teak Roots Coffee Table Round


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Mesha Teak Roots Coffee Table Square


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Stanford Teak Round Coffee Table


6. Aftercare

    • All our products come with 6 months warranty on structure and frames. This warranty does not cover wear and tear of fabric or faux leather materials.
    • If you encounter problems with your product after 6 months, give us a call at 6922-4588 or email us at We will assist you and try to repair it for FREE (Please arrange for delivery service to transport your furniture to the warehouse for restoration. You can engage Hua Han Transport to have the item picked up and sent back to you at a chargeable fee.)

* FREE repair does not include addition of wood, upholstery, fabric replacements or any wear and tear such as scratches.

Hope this gives you a rough idea on the process of customization at Wihardja! If you still have any unanswered enquiries left, feel free to drop us an email! Residential and Commercial requests for quotations are both welcome.

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