Customize with Wihardja in 3 Easy Steps!

While standard furniture pieces can be a solution for most of our spaces, sometimes we need a console table of a specific length to fit that part of the wall perfectly, or a custom-made furniture for that awkward corner of the house. Custom-made pieces are the perfect solution to make better use of your space, and they can be a statement piece too when homeowners approach us with a unique design for their space in mind. 

Many homeowners usually have the impression that custom-made pieces are more expensive than standard furniture offered in furniture stores, but that is not necessarily true! When it comes to the cost of purchasing a custom-made furniture, it depends largely on the size and design of the furniture. 

Get a customized furniture for your home in Singapore easily in 3 steps! 

Customize with us in these 3 easy steps! 

1. Images/pictures

‘Pictures speak a thousand words’ – this is indeed true! By showing our team visually what you wish to achieve, it is faster and easier to communicate your ideas across to us! This also prevent any miscommunications. However, if you are looking to customize any of our standard products, all you need to let us know is the dimensions you wish to have it in.

2. Dimensions

If you have all the specific dimensions, that would be awesome! However, if you are unsure, leave all the rest of the specifics to us! Our friendly specialist will guide and advise you on the dimensions. However, we still need some basic dimensions such as the overall height, width and depth of the product.

3. Waiting period

After submitting your order, sit back and wait for our dedicated customer service team to notify you when the item is completed and arrange a delivery date. Customized orders are manufactured in our factory, which requires a period of 60 – 90 waiting days. If you have any products you wish to receive before a certain date, do give us a lead time of 60-90days so that we can deliver it to you in time. 

And…that’s it! Just have an image of the item you want, the dimensions and place an order! If you have any other further queries, call our hotline at 6922 4588 or chat with us now! 🙂





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