Commercial Project: Country Club Lounge Area In Singapore

This country club was one of the commercial projects we had in 2019. To fit the resort-like image, Scandinavian-vibe Jeannie Teak Armchairs was chosen to create a relaxing lounge area for the reception office. The bright blue cyan sofa was specially customized from Jeannie Teak Armchair to create a 2 seater sofa to accommodate more guests, making a statement piece in the lounge. 


The round Sevilla Teak Coffee Table adds a unique and stylish touch to the lounge. Made of 3 surfaces of differing heights, it allows guests to each have their own separate table top to place their items. It also softens the look of the lounge and adds warmth and cosiness to the reception area, making it a truly relaxing space to be in.


In the other corner, two Jeannie Teak Armchairs were paired with a side table. They blend in perfectly with the feature wall created with a big wallpaper featuring the country club. We’ve also added extra padded seat cushions so that guests will feel more comfortable while they wait in the reception area. 


Lastly, this wall pillar here is furnished with a desktop to allow guests to handle any urgent work-related issues or simply search the web while waiting. Instead of a conventional chair or office chair, the ottoman that actually comes with Jeannie Teak Armchair is cleverly positioned in front of the desktop as a chair. 

With an ensemble of various furniture designs and colors, the reception area is truly a vibrant and relaxing space to be in. 

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