Beginner Guide To Fengshui Your Home For Chinese New Year 2020

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, make sure your home has a good Feng Shui to usher in the new year with good and positive energy! The God of Wealth might just take a liking to your house too and make a visit to your house, bringing fortune to your household for the rest of 2020! 

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it is still a good practice as the placement of things can affect people psychologically. For example, we’ve all probably heard how placing a mirror in Singapore front of the bed is bad Feng Shui. That’s because mirrors are thought to reflect energy around the bedroom, causing restlessness. From a psychological point of view, placing a mirror in front of the bed is bad as you might get startled by your own reflection when you wake up in the middle of the night. If you do have a mirror that can’t be moved, cover the mirror with a cloth. 

Below are some general guidelines for a good Feng Shui in your living room.

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1. Furniture

As a general rule of thumb, the living room should be kept spacious and clutter-free. It should not be crammed with too much furniture and it should be fairly easy to manoeuvre around the living room. Decluttering your living room if there are too many items lying around can make the space more comfortable and inviting for your guests. 

If you are planning to purchase new furniture, you won’t go wrong with solid wood furniture. In Feng Shui, having elements of nature in your home is important as it brings life into your home. Solid wood furniture is preferred in Feng Shui as it is considered an earth element that represents stability.

2. Colours

Add some colours into your home! Different colours can help you with different things in life.. The three basic colours recommended are blues and greens, earthy tones which include yellow and neutrals, as well as whites. For blues and greens, they are good if you are looking for a new beginning, healing as well as growth. Earthy tones, yellows and neutrals are good for self-care, support and more grounding in life. Lastly, white can help to increase joy, clarity and precision in life. 

3. TV 

According to Feng Shui, TV can amplify the energies of a living room. If used correctly, it can increase the amount of positive energy in the living room. Hence, it is important that you know where the positive spots in your living room are to help amplify positive energy in your home. Once you identify the positive spots in your living room, buy a wood TV console in Singapore and place it along with your TV to bring positive vibes to your home!  

4. Mirrors

Did you know a dirty or broken mirror releases negative energy? Other than keeping the mirrors clean (if you have any), the basic idea of a mirror is to reflect beautiful things so that it can release positive energy. If the view of your window reflects a beautiful landscape, place your mirror in the living room so that it faces the window. 



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5. Plants 

Ever wondered why during Chinese New Year there are tons of money plant for sale? Not only do money plants help in filtering out the toxins in the air, but they also act as a good luck charm for Chinese New Year to help draw both luck and fortune into the household because their leaves resemble coins. 

Other than money plants, these are other plants and flowers which are considered good in Feng Shui: 

    • Jade plants
    • Bamboo
    • Happiness plant
    • Orchid
    • Japanese rose

Plants to avoid as they are considered to generate bad luck would be any plants with sharp leaves or thorns such as cactuses. 

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