8 Genius Hacks To Stop Pets From Damaging Your Furniture

They are adorable, cute and a joy to be with. But let’s be honest, they can cause quite a mess sometimes. From chewing on your favourite pair of slippers to sharpening their claws on that new sofa you just bought, sometimes they just drive you crazy when you leave them alone.

While some furniture in Singapore only requires a quick fix to get it looking as good as new, other damages are irreparable. We’ve probably seen pet owners sharing videos of the aftermath their pets created while they took their eyes off them for a while. While videos of pets destroying furniture and looking guilty might bring laughter, but it’s definitely not a laughing matter when you see how much it costs to return your furniture! To keep replacing your furniture can be an exhausting work as well!  

Though we are fully aware of how much damage pets can cause, that does not deter us from keeping pets for the joy they can bring into our lives! If your pets have the habit of using your furniture as a scratching post or chewing it, here are some way how you can prevent this and protect your furniture at home.





1. Stop Destructive Chewing

Does your puppy have a love for your shoes? Or that cushion on the sofa? DIY your own deterrent spray that will deter them from chewing on these items again. With a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar at a 1:1 ratio, spritz this solution on the items your dog or cat loves to chew one. It creates a bitter taste for your pets that will deter them from chewing on the item again. 

Alternatively, you can switch the apple cider vinegar for citrus oil to make your item smell fresh while preventing your pets from damaging your items at the same time.


2. Make Some Surfaces Off-Limit

Any surface you see at home, it’s literally within the cat’s reach. They’re agile and super climbers, jumping onto that shelf you thought were out of reach for them. While they stroll casually along the shelf full of your prized collectables, you watch in horror praying hard that they will not knock anything off the shelf. 

You can remove all your collectables or get a glass display cabinet in Singapore, but that means taking up valuable floor space. Alternatively, place double-sided tapes on surfaces you do not wish them to jump onto. For example, if you have a flower vase on the coffee table, you want to prevent your cat from jumping onto it and knocking the vase off the table. Cats hate anything that sticks to their paw so this should stop them from hopping onto surfaces they’re not welcomed on.





3. Clean Up The Fluff

If you have a furry baby at home – whether cats or dogs, they will surely make their existence known by leaving strands of fluff everywhere they go. Lint rollers are a popular option, but they are not eco-friendly and one roll is used up pretty quickly. Put on your old dishwashing glove and damp it. Run your hands on surfaces with fur and they will instantly stick onto your rubber gloves!


4. Protect Your Furniture From Scratches

Cats love to scratch and sharpen their claws on the closest surface they can get their claws on. If your feline friend loves scratching on the legs of your furniture, get some thick ropes to twine around the leg to protect your furniture. You can also place a scratching post around spots your cat loves to lounge around so they will not attack your sofa or table. Another tip is to get their nails trimmed regularly so it lessens their need to scratch.


5. Get Rid Of Pet Odor

As much as you love your furry friends, the odor that lingers around that spot on the sofa your dog claims is hard to love. Sprinkle baking soda over that spot and allow it to sit overnight. It will neutralize the smell and it’s also safe for your dog!


6. Remove Urine Stains

Did your dog accidentally urinate on the couch? Quickly blot it off with a paper towel. Get a stain remover made specifically for removing pet stains or DIY your very own with a mixture of water and some white vinegar. White vinegar is effective in eliminating the ammonia and the stain.

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7. Scratch-proof Your Main Door

Do your cat or dog paws and scratch at the front door every time they wish to get out of the house for walks? Get a clear plastic sheet and adhere it to the area of the door where they are likely to scratch with double-sided tape. No more scratches on your door! 


8. Bring them out for exercise

Make sure they get their exercises regularly every week by taking it for a walk in the park. Not only does it help them to keep in shape, but exercising also helps to expend their energy too. When they are cooped up at home constantly with all the energy they have, they will have to expend it somehow and usually, this means having fun tearing up your favourite cushion while you’re away.

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