4 Ways To Keep Your White Sofa As White As Snow

Having a white sofa in Singapore definitely can brighten up your whole living room and create the illusion of a bigger living room as well as it seems to be taking up lesser space. This is especially useful if you have a small living room – which is pretty common here in Singapore newer HDB flats. But we know most moms, aunties, or anyone who cleans the house always shun having white – treating the option of white as invisible when presented with various colours to choose from! Well, we can’t exactly blame them as white IS pretty tough to maintain, even for those without kids or pets. A little dirt is amplified on a white sofa whereas it can go unnoticed on a black sofa. 

However, with the right tools and tips, you can also maintain a white sofa for that airy, clean and crisp sanctuary look for your living room! Now turn your dream into a reality! 

1. Stick To The Rules

Prevention is always better than cure. So the first rule you should always remember is – keep all food and drinks out of the living room! Take this rule seriously and follow through, just like how everyone takes ‘no food and drinks allowed on the MRT’ seriously. This will prevent any spills and mess on your sofa, as well as the cleanups you have to do later on. If you have guests over, make sure you and your guests finish the food at the dining area before moving over to the living room. 

Another tip is to always furnish your living room with surfaces where your guests can easily place their drinks down – such purchasing a side table or a coffee table in Singapore. If not, they can only hold onto their wine of glass and we don’t know what will happen next!


2. Treat It Well

There are fabric protector now meant to repel any spills and stains. Find the right one for your fabric and treat it before spills and stains can happen! It will make cleaning up much more easier for you, even if you have kids or pets around. If you are unsure, engage professional cleaning services in Singapore to see if they provide any treatments.  

3. Slip It Over

Slipcovers are a great way to protect your white sofa. In case of any accidental spills, just toss them immediately into the washing machine and they will look good as new! If you don’t like to look of the slipcovers, you can choose to whip them out when you know there will be kids or lots of guests over, or when you know that clumsy friend of yours is coming over for a visit. They are also a great way to keep your sofa free from dust if you need to travel and be away from the house for a long period of time. 

4. Emergency Cleaning Kit

 No matter how much preventive measures you take, sometimes spills are unavoidable. Prepare some baking soda and other cleaning tools at hand to spot clean your sofa in case any accidental spill happens. Knowing what to do correctly will be able to help you lift the stain easier and faster. Most of us tend to rub at the stain, but do you know that it will only set the stain into the sofa? Always remember to lift the stain by dabbing on it. 



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