A Home Survival Guide to Hungry Ghost Festival [2022]

Whether it’s renovating your house or moving into a new house, it’s always an exciting journey. But, it is also a long and tiring process – making sure that everything is running according to schedule with little to no hiccups so that there’s no daly. 

As much as we like to start living in the new house as soon as possible, if it happens to be the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, also known as the ‘Ghost Month’ here in Singapore, most would stop any renovation work or avoid house moving at all. That includes purchasing and delivering furniture in Singapore as well! 

What is the Ghost month, and what are some of the do’s and don’t during this month? 

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7th Month aka ‘Ghost Month’

The seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is also known as the Ghost Month. During the Ghost Month, it is believed that spirits jailed in Hell get to roam the human realm for a month. For this year, the Ghost Month falls between 29th July to 26th August 2022. 

On the 15th night of the seventh month, Zhongyuan Jie, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, Buddhist and Taoist families will burn paper effigies and prepare food offerings to the spirits of their deceased. 

If you see offerings placed by the roadside on the streets, be careful not to walk into them! Those offerings are offered to wandering souls that have no families to care for them, or died because of unfortunate events. It is believed that the ghosts who roam the streets are hungry and unhappy so food offerings are offered as a peace treaty to the ghosts so that they will not disturb the living while they roam the streets for the month. 









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#1. Don’t Open Your Umbrella Indoors

Opening your umbrella indoor may invite ghosts to take shelter underneath it and stay at your home. While we usually open your umbrellas and dry them indoors, remember to close them before the sun sets.

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#2. Don’t Leave Your Front Door Open All Night

Leaving your front door ajar may seem like an invitation for ghosts roaming around the streets at night to enter your home. Besides, keep your door closed can keep out the negative energy during this month.

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#3. Do Not Kill Any Insects At Home

It is believed that the insects in your home are ancestors or your deceased family and relatives that came back to visit during the 7th Month. If you see any insects even if it’s mosquitoes, avoid smashing them as it might be your Great-grandma!

Even if you do not believe in such superstitions, it might be best to allow insects to roam freely just for the month!









#4. Don’t move into a new house or renovate your home

It is best to avoid moving into your new abode during the 7th Month as it would invite ‘unclean’ things and bad luck into the house.

However, for homeowners who are have to shift into a new house or renovate their home during this month, they can hire a Master to get an auspicious date.

As for renovating the house, carrying out any form of renovation such as drilling and hammering may disturb the ghosts and anger them.

If you are only purchasing new furniture, you might be worried about the noise during installation. While many furniture requires installation at the customer’s house, Wihardja’s furniture are crafted from solid teak wood hence many furniture such as study tables in Singapore would be delivered installed and ready for use, reducing any noise.  

If you are purchasing new furniture in Singapore and is worried about shifting in new furniture during the 7th Month, approach any of our friendly staffs at Wihardja and we can arrange the delivery to your preferred date!

For others that don’t believe in superstitions, August is actually a good month to start renovating as the house would be ready for end-year festivities!

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#5. Don’t Hang Windchimes At Home

No matter how pleasant you windchimes sound when the wind blows through the windows, take them down during the Ghost Month! Wandering souls may mistake the tinkling of windchimes as an invitation to enter your home.

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#6. Don’t Hang Your Clothes Out Overnight

Ghosts may try on your clothes that are hanging out to dry, bringing negative energy to your home. So remember to keep your clothes in!

#7. No Whistling At Night

Whistling at night, not just in the Chinese culture, is believed to attract bad luck or evil spirits. So, remember to try not to whistle along to your favourite song playing on the radio during this month.

With these myths debunked, it is safe to say that renovation or shifting in new furniture into your home is perfectly okay. However, for a peace of mind, you might want to consult a professional for an auspicious date especially if you have family members or relatives who strongly believe in these superstitions! This can avoid an unnecessary blaming or ‘I told you so’ in the event that any mishaps happen! 

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