8 Tips To Exercise And Staying Healthy While Working From Home

Due to COVID-19, most of us are required to work from home. Working from home is great as not only are we working at the comfort of our home, it saves the travelling time needed to get to the company while usually takes around an hour just to get there. 

Take this opportunity to get ample rest before work, but also to get fit with the spare time you have! Now, there are no more excuses that there’s no time when it comes to exercise whether you choose to hit the gym or go for a run! 

Exercise offers many benefits that are important for our health. Other than keeping us slim and fit, exercising 30 minutes daily can help us to reduce stress and sleep better. This can help to increase our productivity at work despite working at the comfort of our home where there are many distractions. 

However, due to the widespread of COVID-19, some gyms have chosen to stop their operations with the safety of the public in mind. With the virus being able to survive in the air for 3 hours, it also best to avoid going out of the house as much as possible. 

The safest way to exercise during this period is by working out at home! If you do not have the routine of exercising daily, here are some tips on how you can start  exercising from your home office in Singapore and work towards better health physically and mentally. 


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1. Set time aside for exercising

Working from home makes it easy to work around the clock. Unlike in a ‘traditional’ job setting, after leaving the office the rest of the time is for personal things. Make it a habit to set time aside daily for 30 minutes of exercise whether it’s in the morning before you start working or after work. 

2. Break Your Exercise Into Smaller Parts

Did you know that you can break up your exercise into shorter duration? If setting aside 30 minutes takes too much time, you can break it up into 10 minutes or 15 minutes throughout the day. It offers a good break away from your work too. For example, you can exercise for 15 minutes in the morning before work. And maybe another 15 minutes an hour after you had your lunch to combat food coma!

3. No gym equipment? No sweat!

Make full use of the furniture at home – from your chairs in Singapore to your work desk at home! No matter which part of the body you wish to target whether it’s your legs, arms or abs, there are exercises which you can carry out at home!

4. Switch your chair to a stability ball

Instead of seating in a chair all day, ditch your office chair and opt for a stability ball. This can help you to work on your balancing as well as your core muscles while you work away! Another alternative to sitting down is working on a high countertop! It has proven to be a more productive way of working for some! 

5. Follow exercise videos

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey and has no idea where to start, search online for beginner fitness videos which you can follow at home. Usually what you need is just a yoga mat and you’re ready to start!

6. Try experimenting exercising at different times of the day

While some of us enjoy having a good workout session in the morning, making us more energized and productive for work for the rest of the day, others might do better exercising after work. Test out different timings of the day and find out what suits you the best.

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7. Always remember to stretch

As much as most of us just want to jump straight into the workout and start sweating it out, stretching before a workout is important as it helps to warm up your muscles to prevent any strains or tears.  

8. Stick to a schedule

Make sure that this schedule is also something you can stick to when you head back to the office to work for a healthier lifestyle! Whether you are working from home or in the office, it should not disrupt your exercise schedule! 

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