5 Awesome and Affordable Tingkat Delivery Services In Singapore!

Too lazy or no time to cook at home? If you do not have a flair for cooking, check out these 5 super affordable tingkat delivery services in Singapore that delivers homecooked food right to your doorstep! 

You can save the hassle or washing your dishes or cleaning your kitchen after you are done with cooking, leaving more time to spend with your family members or catching up on other important work. 

Credit: Select Catering

Select Catering

Select Catering specializes in providing a one-stop catering solution in Singapore with more than 25 years of food catering experience. The menus are changed daily to provide customers a fresh set of meals every day and you can expect local delights like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Ee Fu Noodles, Fried Hokkien Mee, and more!


Website: selectcatering.com.sg

Tel: +65 6852 3333


Credit: KCK Food Catering

KCK Food Catering

As a catering services provider, they are conscious of innovating with healthy and tasty menus to suit today’s hectic consumers. Their dishes contain low MSG, low salt, and they use Healthier Choice Oil in cooking and frying. Not only do they care for their customers, they also care for the environment by providing eco-friendly wares upon request.


Website: kckfood.com

Tel: +65  6443 5723 / 6449 3278


Credit: 338 Catering

338 Catering

338 Catering offer delivers hot, freshly cooked tingkat meals to your door-step for you and your family to enjoy the familiar taste of homely Asian delights without the hassle of preparing them by yourself. Their food are also prepared with less salt and oil to offer customers a healthier catering option. 


Website:  338catering.com.sg

Tel: +65 6659 8133


Credit: Kim’s Paradise

Kim’s Paradise 

Serving up delicious and nutritious meals, Kim Paradise cooks mouth-watering home meals for delivery. They prepare healthy and flavourful dishes that cater to the taste buds of local Singaporeans. Plus, they also have over 200 dishes on their menu. With a wide variety of food, you can expect a different meal each day.


Website: kimparadise.com.sg

Tel: +65 6255 1000


Credit: Le Xin Catering

Le Xin Catering

Striving to provide the best catering services in Singapore with the most extensive menus, Le Xin Catering deliver dishes that have no MSG, low cholesterol, low salt and only uses pure vegrtable oil. All meals are delivered using microwavable containers. Dine the old-school way using tiffin carriers by signing up for their 20 days meal cycle. 


Website: lexincatering.com.sg

Tel: +65 6817 9119




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