8 Rooms That Radiate With Chandeliers And Lights For Inspirations

Chandeliers or not, this lighting fixture illuminates the beauty of this Suar wood dining table in Singapore! To create an airy and light look in the dining room, the homeowner chose to purchase the Suar wood slab only and match it with this pair of transparent acrylic legs. 

As much as the interior of the home plays a big part in the ambience of a home, many homeowners often overlook how big of an impact lighting has on the space as well. Whether it’s in the bathroom, studyroom, bedroom, living room or dining room, the choice of lighting fixtures has a huge role in defining the look and vibe of the space too. 

In using a warm light, it creates a soft and cosy ambience that is perfect for the dining and the living room. A white light on the other hand, can really help to brighten up that dark corner and also help to create an illusion of a larger space. 

Here are 7 other rooms that radiate with luxury with the use of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures! 

Cloud Circles

This lighting fixtures are made of 2D circles in varying diameters that layered together at different height to create a dynamic look. Keeping to the earthy colour palette, its gold rims add a nice touch of luxury to the rustic and elegant dining area. With a warm, yellow light, it brings out a cosy vibe to the room that might look too cold otherwise. 

Bedside Tables & Storage

Shayleigh Teak Chest of Drawers


Bedside Tables & Storage

Shantell Teak Side Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Shannel Teak Chest of Drawers


Bedside Tables & Storage

Seanna Teak Sideboard With Glass Doors


Bedside Tables & Storage

Madelina Teak Side Table Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Helana Uno Teak Dressor Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Helana Duo Teak Dressor Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Hedy Teak TV Cabinet With Rattan


Minimalist Chandelier

This minimalist chandelier is made of a simple structure with a few round lights that does not seem too flamboyant for the bedroom. It hangs over the bed, adding a soft and serene feel for a quiet and restful sleep.

Industrialist Light Bulbs 

Thin black frames framing glass panels can be seen in the shower area. With its exposed tungsten light bulbs hanging from down with black wires, it completes the industrial aesthetic for this bathroom. A mixture of warm and white light is used in the vanity area as it is ideal for a flattering look. 


This group of round and circular lights definitely creates a statement wherever it is placed! It adds a soft and organic touch to the room. The use of glass also adds a chic and stylish look. 



Ready Stock




Flower petals

Following the organic shape of delicate flower petals, this light adds an exquisite touch to the living room room. Host an elegant dinner party with some red wines and delicious food!

Pendant Hanging Lamps 

Going with the dark dining room theme, these pendant hanging lamps hang over the dining table to draw attention to the dining table, creating an intimate and cosy area for conversations while brightening up the space. Pair it with some velvet dining chairs in Singapore for a comfy seat. 

Magical Fairy Lights

This lighting fixture is made with golden wires that form a ball with small lights following the frame. Its simple and elegant style does not snatch too much attention away from the rest of the room, adding a nice touch of opulence to the space with its floating orb.

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