10 Cool Color-blocking Accent Wall Ideas You Can Try For Your BTO

Colour-blocking walls is simply any pairing of colors to create a graphic that is statement-looking on the walls. It can help to easily spruce up an existing room that looks too boring or make a statement anywhere in the house! It’s also another budget-friendly alternative to wallpapers or feature walls that requires custom designs.

Get inspired and start transforming your space, giving it a new look with some simple colour-blocking walls inspirations that you can do at home! 

Match The Floors

Other than making sure that the colour you choose for the colour-block matches your furnishings in the space well, take note of the floor too especially if you do not have a white wall. Colour blocks often reach the floor. For a seamless look, choose earthy hues if you have a wooden floor such as greens!

Fake Headboards

You can also extend your headboard by using the same colour as the existing headboard for a unique look. If you have no headboard, colour-blocking is definitely a cool and affordable way to create one instead of buying a it! This homeowner painted a circular shape, adding a soft touch to the bedroom.



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Balance The Space

A soft and pastel yellow is used for colour blocking in this home. It helps to create a balance in the space, with the colour sloping down according to the furniture’s height. The wooden dining table in Singapore along with the dining bench and dining chairs add warmth to the area, creating a cosy and homely vibe.

Camouflage Furniture

Make the nursery a bright and cheerful space with some colour-blocking accent! In this nursery here, the colour for the wall is the same as the diaper changing station, camouflaging it. Using paint, it creates a mountain-like shape for a chic and stylish look.

Splash Of Colours

Create a wall feature easily with colour-blocking! It’s also a cheaper alternative compared to wallpapers. Get some masking tapes to create geometric shapes. Using different paint for different shapes, you will end up with this chic and colourful looking wall to make your cabinet in Singapore at home pop!

Single Bed Frames

Ileene Teak Bed Frame Single





Create A Focus

Colour-blocking is also a good alternative to spotlights or statement furniture that can help to draw attention to the area you want to. Make sure to choose colours that can create a contrast – such as grey and yellow, allowing the yellow to pop and bring focus to the area.

Abstract Art

Go ahead and mix circles with rectangles together to create an interesting and  contemporary abstract pattern for your mid-century modern home. Pick the same hues from the colours of your furniture or home decorations such as the rug on the floor!

Let Colours Clash!

One of the biggest misconception many homeowners have when it comes to choosing colours is that clashing colours should always be avoided and it’s a big no-no. Contrary to the popular belief, clashing colours can create a very interesting and chic look if done right! In this home, a cyan-blue wooden sofa is set against a bright yellow wall – a juxtaposition creates a cool statement in the living room.

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