5 Tips For An Effortless Mid-Century Modern Home Look

With design elements that are clean, organic and highly functional, we can see why so many homeowners are falling in love with mid-century modern style. It’s timeless beauty allows it to easily blend into any home decor that never goes out of style.

Mid-century and modern might seem like a weird and contradictory pair at first. Yet when mid-century elements are blended with modern furnishings, it created an unexpected blend of sophisticated and beautiful contemporary space for homes in Singapore. 

What defines a mid-century modern home is its clean and organic lines that is functional at the same time. It also uses a lot of flat planes, use of glass and a touch of nature. Because of its timeless beauty that never goes out of style, it is becoming a popular home interior style homeowners would choose for their BTOs or renovation.



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#1. Earthy tones for the colour scheme

Earthy colour dominates the colour palette for the mid-century home interior since the majority of the furniture were crafted out of wood. But don’t be afraid to make a statement too by using bold colours as accents. Play around with dark hues of primary colours – red, yellow, blue or jewel tones! For this space, the homeowner has kept it simple with greens and neutral tones to create an airy and natural space with the dining table in Singapore

#2. Go green with wooden furniture

Pieces of furniture were crafted out of wood originally until the invention of plastics and techniques which were developed later, making plastic furniture a more affordable and popular option. In the early mid-century, wooden furniture were more commonly seen in homes. Other than fitting the theme of the house, choosing products crafted from wood is also a much more sustainable approach! 

#3. Add mid-century elements with retro prints

Whether it’s the rugs, curtains or your cushion covers, they are a safe way to add inject a mid-century element with its retro prints. Or go bold by using a wallpaper with the classic geometric prints seen commonly in homes back in those days for your feature wall to create a focal point in your home. In this area, the owner has chosen a coffee table in Singapore with a surface of a cassette tape! 

#4. Standing on tapered legs

Going gradually from thick to thin, tapered legs are round and set at either a straight or a slanted angle. Nothing more screams mid-century than furniture with tapered legs! Whether it’s a TV console, display shelf, study desk, sofa or bedframe, you can look for one with tapered legs regardless how modern or bold the rest of the furniture looks to mix modern design with mid-century.

#5. Simple yet bold

Mid-century furniture usually features shapes which are sleek and streamlined, featuring a clean and underrated look. A key feature of mid-century design is the emphasis of practicality and functionality. To add a modern touch to the piece, look for ones that 

Complete your mid-century modern home with some home decorations of varying heights. This prevents your space from looking too uniform and add a stylish touch too. Some affordable and chic items which you can add are candlestick holder, vase, and lamps! At the end of the day, just remember to have fun while furnishing your space!

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