7 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Different Types Of Mom

Need some last minute ideas? Get inspired with these 7 affordable gifts you can get for your mom this Mother’s Day whether she’s an exercise fanatic, a 5-star cook or a tea lover!



The Tea Lover Mom

For the mom who loves drinking tea over coffee, pamper her with this beautiful and elegant white poppy teacup and saucer set! While you’re at it, get some teabags as well! There are all sorts of tea at T2tea, from tea for wellness to matcha!

The Bling Mom

Does your mom love exquisite pieces of jewellery? Get this elegant 2-tiered jewellery box that can store all her favourite jewellery safely! It even comes with a built-in mirror as well as a lock and key for peace of mind.


The Eco-conscious Mom

Is your mom always going on about reduce, reuse and recycle? Getting a recycle bag for grocery shopping or bringing your own metal straw for drinks is the norm now. Surprise your mom with this beautiful pastel tingkat instead! Who doesn’t love eating homecooked meals in the office out from a pastel tingkat?

The Flower Power Mom

Get this super innovative 2-tier planter that comes with an integrated watering and draining system. Its unique system helps to prevent overwatering, making planting easier without having to figure out how much water the plant needs! If your mom has no green thumb but loves to plant nevertheless, then this will be the perfect gift for her!

SOURCE: Hipvan
SOURCE: Decathlon

The Workout Mom

Head over to Decathlon for all exercise related products! Whether your mom is a zen mom who loves yoga or an adventurous mom, Decathlon has the equipment just for it.

The Super Cook Mom

Make BBQ a whole lot easier with this Smokeless Grill! Designed for indoor usage by eliminating all those smoke, you can save your mom the hassle of preparing all the tools needed for BBQ outdoors!

BBQ Grills

Liberty Charly



BBQ Grills

Liberty Chef Pro


BBQ Grills

Liberty Chef S3



SOURCE: FortyTwo

The Organizer Mom

Don’t all mom love something that can help them with organizing and keeping the house neat and tidy? Get these beautiful wall hooks made from quality maple wood! Each hook can withstand up to 2 kg!

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