7 Best Plant Stands For An Indoor Jungle Home

7 Trending Plant Stands For Your Modern Homes

Sit back, relax and bask in the morning sun with your plants in your garden. Not only does it keep your plants organized, it also help you to maximize your space by allowing you to place twice as much flower pots in one place! Now you’ll have more space to spruce up your garden with your favourite plants!

The best wood to for an outdoor planter stand is a teak as they’re light and durable. Teak is also generally more weather-resistant compared to other types of wood, and they’ve been traditionally used as timber for ships!  

Here are six other contemporary plant stands for your modern homes.

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Ladder Planter Stand

With three-tiers, this indoor planter stand is perfect to showcase your collection of indoor potted plants! 

Tables & Chairs

Daniel Teak Balcony Set



Shelton Balcony Set of 3


Tables & Chairs

Elijah Teak Balcony Set


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Shaniece Teak Balcony Set Of 5


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Timber Logs Plant Stands

Other than your typical planter stands, you can use wood stools as a planter stand too. Go all natural with some timber logs as plant stands! Get them in differing height to create a more interesting look. 

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Minimalist Nordic Planter Stand

With a clean and simple silhouette, it’s perfect for that all white home interior or that nordic-inspired rooms. To create an interesting look. get them in differing height to create contrast in your space. 

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Industrial-Loft Wire Planter

Using fine metal wires and raw concrete for the pots, it adds an industrial-loft vibe to your space. Concrete are porous too, making them the perfect pots for water to drain out. 




Ruth Water Fountain


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Contemporary Planter/Side Table

Bring nature close to you with this planter stand which functions as a side table as well! 

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Circular 4 -tier Planter Stand

Create your very own mini green space with this contemporary planter which offers a total of four tiers! Simple yet functional, it will be the perfect fit for any space. 

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