5 Ingenious Ideas for Narrow and Long HDB Entryway

Entryways in HDB foyers are either small or non-existent, which is no surprise why many homeowners overlook this area of the house when it comes renovation. Because of the limited space, it is challenging to define the entryway as well. 

Even if your HDB does not come with an entryway, you still can create your own! The entryway is important as it is the first area that you step into as well as the last area before you leave your house.

The entryway can be transformed into a very useful area given the right storage space and other items, such as having a mirror for you to do a final check before leaving the house. 

If you think that having an entryway is impossible given the HDB’s layout, get inspired by these examples of narrow entryway below! 


Source: Pinterest

#1 Built-in Shoe Bench

This simple and minimalist shoe cabinet in Singapore offers an area to sit and put on your shoes before leaving the house. Make full use of your space by including sliding doors on the bench so you can store your shoes you wear frequently there for easy access. It also acts as a partition to section the entryway from the rest of the living room.  

Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Jonni Teak Shoe Cabinet


Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Maika Teak Shoe Cabinet


Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Corvin Teak Shoe Rack


Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Rowena Teak Shoe Cabinet


Shoe Racks & Cabinets

Garth Teak Shoe Cabinet


Source: Pinterest

#2 Mirrors

Most of the time, we are rushing out of the house especially in the morning. If a seating area to put on your shoes is not that important, get a built-in cabinet with sliding doors where you can store all your shoes.

Opt for mirror doors for your cabinet in Singapore so you can perform that final check before leaving your house for that important interview or business meeting. It also creates the illusion of a bigger entryway.

rattan shoe cabinet with four doors

#3 Flooring

Another way you can better define your space is by choosing different floor tiles for the entryway and the living room.

This helps to segment both area visually whether its through colors or patterns, without having the need to add an additional wall or item. It’s the perfect solution if you’re really tight on space! 

#4 Partition

Partition is also another great idea to section your entryway from the rest of your living room if your HDB simply opens up to the rest of the living room.

They will be a better option compared to building a fake wall as it is sleeker and takes up lesser space. Choosing a frosted one like this also allows natural sunlight to pass through, brightening your living room. 

Dining Benches

Kyler Teak Dining Bench


Dining Benches

Jonas Teak Dining Bench


Dining Benches

Reid Teak Bench


#5 Benches

Lastly, you can also add a bench and a shoe rack or a display rack to make the entryway more functional. Throw in an umbrella holder too so that you can grab an umbrella if it’s cloudy! 

This allow you to easily reach for shoes you wear frequently and keep your doorway from being cluttered with many pairs of shoes! Y

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