5 Creative and Genius Umbrella Holder For Your Entryway


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Using wooden poles, this umbrella holder creates an interesting visual to dry your umbrella off! No more tacky bucket-designed umbrella holder in your entryway! Using wood as its base, it can help to absorb water from your dripping umbrella. Now you don’t have to worry about any pool of water that might accumulate from your wet umbrella.  



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Simple and minimalist, this umbrella holder is simple yet ingenious. Most umbrella holders do not cater to foldable and small umbrellas – the ones which we will usually bring out with us as it is more portable and convenient to use. Most of the time, we have to reach into the umbrella holder to search for the foldable umbrella which is hidden from sight. However, this umbrella holder is able to hold both types of umbrellas and you can see them at one glance! Now you can just grab an umbrella and get out of the house!



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Multi-purpose umbrella holder? Checked. This umbrellas holder features a pole with tree branches to hold your coats, scarves, bags and hats in place! Perfect for your entryway while keeping the aesthetics of your space as well!



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What’s better than using a rainboot to hold your umbrella, right? This designer has creatively modelled an umbrella stand after a pair of rain boots that can be placed by your door. People might mistake the umbrella holder for a real pair of rainboots with just a quick glance! Talk about blending into the surrounding!



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Why not water plants from rainwater collected from your umbrella? This umbrella holder did exactly that! What an ingenious way to recycle rainwater! 




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