5 Things That Will Chase Away Your Monday Blues

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01. When the boss is out of office

Though there might still be endless tasks for you to finish, at least there’s no one there to breathe down your neck or to pile up more tasks on your plate.



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02. Good food

There’s an old saying – to get to the man’s heart is through his stomach. What’s more comforting than having a good breakfast and lunch to help chase away the Monday blues? Plan and get excited for lunchtime on Mondays.



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03. Online shopping

Retail therapy is real. With apps, shopping online has never been easier. Check out Shopee’s flash deals during lunchtime, and you might find yourself a good deal! There’s also plenty of other shopping apps such as Qoo10, Lazada, Zalora and more! Shop away to de-stress!



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04. Dress to kill

Put on your favourite or a new outfit for work on Monday, even if you don’t feel like dressing up! When you look good, you will start to feel good which will help you to perform better at work. Instead of just dressing up yourself, how about dressing your workspace as well? Tidy your workspace and place some accessories to make your space an enjoyable one to be in.



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05. Look at baby animals photo

Seriously, how could you resist them?! Take a break during work and look at some of your favourite baby animals pictures. This will guarantee to put a smile on your face! Did you know, that a simple act of smiling releases neurotransmitters which can help to fight off stress, relaxing your body! So if you’re stressed out at work, do something that will make you smile, whether it’s looking at funny memes, cat pictures or videos!  



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