5 Ways To Fight Dengue At Home

Dengue has always been present in Singapore, but in recent months, dengue cases are on the rise once again. The number of dengue cases has surpassed 10,000, with 12 dead so far this year alone. According to a statement released by the National Environment Agency on its website, the dengue cases for this year is the highest since 2013, and it is the largest outbreak ever recorded in Singapore.  

What causes the sudden spike? 

The spike in the number of dengue cases might be attributed to the increase of a strain of dengue, the Dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV-3). They are less common in Singapore, with it being last seen 30 years ago. That means most of the community in Singapore does not have immunity against it, leading to a sudden spike in infected cases. 

The weather is also another contributing factor. Aedes mosquito and dengue virus thrives in warmer climates, increasing the chances of transmission as Singapore enters June which is the traditional dengue peak season. 

With more people working from home during the day during circuit breaker measure, more people are susceptible to dengue transmission as Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day and dwells mainly indoor. 

Therefore, it is important that Singapore be mindful of dengue as well amidst the COVID-19 situation. Fight dengue and protect yourself and your family with these 5 simple methods aside from eliminating any possible mosquitoes breeding sites such as pails of water!

5 Ways To Fight Dengue

1. Check the NEA website

The NEA website displays dengue clusters in Singapore and is updated daily at 1am. Try to avoid visiting these places as much as possible to reduce your risk of dengue transmission. You can visit NEA website here for daily updates and more information.  

2. Anti-Mosquitoes Bedroom

Keep your bedroom in Singapore mosquitoes-free by equipping it with mattresses that come with Anti Mosquitoes cover to have a peaceful sleep while keeping dengue mosquitoes at bay. You can also use essential oils in your bedroom such as Citronella to keep the mozzies away and give your bedroom a refreshing scent. 

If you are looking for a new mattress, consider the Magic Koil Innovation Plush Top with Anti Mosquitoes & Dust Mite Cover Mattress. It is made with mosquito repellent soft knitted fabric that keeps mosquitoes away from the mattress.

It also protects against dust mites and keeps fungi and bacteria out of your mattress cover. The mattress’s resilient foam plush top promotes deep, relaxing, restorative sleep, while the firm individual pocket spring base provides unparalleled support. Find out the effectiveness of Magic Koil Plush Top with Anti Mosquitoes & Dust Mite Cover Mattress below. 

3. Long-sleeves and Long Pants

As much as possible, try to wear long sleeves and long pants when you’re at home or when heading to bed, especially if your area is a dengue cluster. Long sleeves and long pants can give you another layer of protection against mosquitoes bites.

4. Mosquito nets

If it’s too hot to wear long sleeve and pants to bed or you have just changed your mattress, mosquito nets is another alternative. Hang it over your bed so that mosquitoes do not have the chance to bite you while you are asleep! 

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5. Apply mosquito repellent when heading out

If you are heading out, remember to apply mosquito repellent. There are tons of mosquito repellents on the market, so look for ones that contain diethyltoluamide (DEET). DEET has been tested safe for kids over 2 months old. You can use mosquito repllents on exposed skin or spray it on your clothing, but not under your clothes. 

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