5 Turquoise And Coral Decor Inspirations For Your Home

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One of the most popular colour combinations is turquoise and coral! It might be because of what comes to mind when you look at something of this combination – the beautiful corals in the clear ocean of Maldives! When it comes to home styling, these two colours can be very versatile as they can be used to create the bohemian look, the contemporary look, the bold and fun look, even something vintage and traditional! However, because it’s so versatile that it can lean into any home designs, it might not be as easy as you’ve thought when working with these colours! Check out for some inspirations below on how you can incorporate these two colours into your home – whether it’s a feature of the wall such as wall paint to small home decoratives such as pillows and tiles!

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Soft and Fluffy

Turquoise and coral can bring that pop of colour, but it can also be used to create a soft look as well. This bedroom uses softer hues of both turquoise and coral to achieve a pastel look for the bedroom. Though pale colours are used, it keeps things looking soft and comfortable for a night of good rest!

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Traditional And Elegant

In this home, we see how the velvet sofa, a statement piece and a wall of plum blossoms against a turquoise background can work together without clashing. The designers have kept both the ceiling and the floor neutral so that it does not create any distraction away from the sofa and the walls in the living room. A chandelier adds a touch of opulence to the space. Small side tables in mahogany without too many decorations blend perfectly into the living room as well. 

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Bohemian Dream

The clever use of patterns using accent pillows and the hanging wall art has helped this bedroom to achieve that bohemian look. Like how this designer has done it, you can choose either the turquoise or the coral as the main colour. Incorporate the other colour through with pillows or home decorations such as a clock, wall art or curtains.

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White and Bright

One of the easiest ways to incorporate both turquoise and coral without looking too over-the-top is to keep all things mainly white! You can choose white bed sheets that have a little accent, such as the one picture which has a coral border around the bed sheet. Curtains, lampshade, pillows, wall paintings are some other home decors that you can play around with to incorporate turquoise and coral into your living space.


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Fun and Preppy

Doesn’t this bedroom just look like it’s bursting of energy and cheerfulness? Whoever styled this bedroom certainly does not shy away from using bold and vibrant colours of turquoise and coral! With the bed using bold colours, the walls were approached with softer colours instead. Black and white stripes are incorporated to further enhance the element of fun and playfulness in the room.

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