5 Teak Benches For Your Outdoor Garden and Patio

Teak furniture are a popular option for outdoor as they are known for their durability and resistance against the weather elements. Did you know that they were traditionally used as timbers for boats due to their water resistant properties? That’s why teak wood furniture are a popular choice as outdoor furniture in Singapore amongst homeowners. 

Fully utilize any outdoor space with the right furnishing. Check out how these 5 commercial and residential projects Wihardja has over the years for some inspiration to turn your outdoor area into a functional space.

Dining Table Set

This spacious common area in a private residential estate is great for holding bbq parties. Furnished with bbq pits, two long teak dining tables and benches, this communal area looks ready for family and friends to gather around and have a great time!


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Penelope Teak Dining Set

The balconies in Singapore are usually small and often used by many homeowners as an outdoor space to dry their laundry. Fully utilize your balcony and turn it into a small garden with the right furniture! With light wooden flooring and this Penelope teak dining table, the homeowner has turned it into an area for guests to enjoy the view outdoors. With the consideration of having a small balcony, a bench is chosen over dining chairs as it not only can accommodate more people, it can also be tucked underneath the table, saving floor space when not in use. 

Party Teak Bench

Can you guess where is this in Singapore? It is actually one of the commercial projects for a public housing estate in Singapore! Look closely at the wall mural art for some clues! Originally in teak wood, this party bench was painted to white to fit the overall look of the space. It is able to accommodate 4-6pax, serving a wonderful place for communal gatherings in this public area in Singapore. 

Garden Teak Bench

This HDB foyer simply looks like a mini garden! Place amidst potted plants of various species, this bench in Singapore looks like the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor breeze during the evening. 

Transformer Teak Bench

Easily transform this bench into a table top with two long seats that can accommodate up to 4 pax whenever you have guests over! It is also perfect for homes with small balcony in Singapore as they can be easily folded back into a 2 seater bench. Turn it into a green oasis with some potted plants that thrive in Singapore’s humid weather.

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