5 Retro Home Furnishing In Singapore HDB

These kopitiam teak chairs with contoured spindle back add a beautiful local twist to this dining area. With some warm lights, it creates a warm and cosy space for family and friends to gather around. This chair design was commonly seen in Singapore’s kopitiams back in the 80s and 90s where family and friends usually visit for a meal, or elderly men with a cup of kopi while browsing a newspaper. These kopitiam chairs were popular in alot of coffee shops back then as they were not only sturdy and lightweight, they were comfortable for Singapore’s humid weather as well! 

In the meantime, check out these 5 Antiques Home Furniture that should definitely make a comeback and get inspired! 

Kitchen Cabinet

This is one of our customized order for a retro kitchen cabinet in Singapore. To go with the customer’s retro interior theme, they chose to stain it in the darker wood shade and took some design elements from vintage kitchen cabinets, such as the overhead shelving unit with sliding glass doors. The sliding glass doors allows the homeowners to quickly access the glassware they need from the shelf. Other than the overhead shelving unit, the pencil legs also elevate the whole retro look of this piece!

Side Table

These small teak side tables are perfect for small living spaces. If you love plants and cannot find a suitable planter stand in Singapore, they can double up as planter stand too, perfect for adding a rustic and retro look to your space. From side tables with straight legs, curved legs to spindle legs, there’s definitely one that’s perfect for your home as you add some nostalgic touches.

Dining Chairs

Barrel Teak Arm Chair




Round Marble Dining Table

White marble decor is usually seen with gold accents for a luxurious look, completed with contemporary and modern furnishing. But back in the 80s and 90s, marble top is usually paired with wooden curved legs with detailed carvings. If your house is Peranakan-themed or an old-school look with some opulence touches, furniture pieces that are a combination of marble tops and wooden legs is definitely the right fit for your home.

Teak Glass Cabinet

Display your prized retro collection with this teak glass display cabinet. From retro glassware, old black and white photos to your childhood games, this minimalist teak glass cabinet allows you to add personal touches to the space with your collection while keeping them dust-free. Add a track spotlight to really make your collection shine!

Classic Teak Side Buffet

This simple and classic teak side buffet is designed with minimalism and functionality. If you are looking to increase your storage space at home, it is the perfect piece of furniture to have. Standing atop of angled pencil legs with two doors that open to reveal ample of storage space, it can hide your clutter away. Style this piece with an old record player and some other retro home decorations to complete the look. Add a mirror with wooden carved frame above this piece in the entryway for functionality and you can do a last quick check in the mirror before leaving the house!


Bedside Tables & Storage

Emmalynne Teak Storage Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Evangelyn Teak Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Sherwin Teak Glass Cabinet


Shelves & Cabinets

Seleen Teak Cabinet Rattan


Office Storage

Ellianne Teak Cabinet


Shelves & Cabinets

Tayron Teak Altar Table



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