5 Mattress Myths Debunked

Buying a mattress in Singapore can be challenging with many features and prices varying from brand to brand. Whether is it an innerspring, latex, memory foam mattress, spring system, pillow-top or euro-top, the choices and the combinations of what makes up your mattress is endless. 

Purchasing a new mattress can feel like a brand new experience every time, given that people do not often change their mattresses. Buying the wrong one can be a very painful lesson as mattresses can easily cost up to $3k in Singapore, depending on your preference. 

Here are some myths about mattresses debunked so that you do not make that painful mistake of purchasing one that does not suit your need. 


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#1. Mattresses need to be replaced every 8 years. 

Technically, this is somewhat a half-truth. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your old mattress every 7 to 10 years, but it really depends on how you take care of the mattress such as your sleeping position and whether the mattress is flipped over or rotated around or not. For those who travel often due to work, the mattress will definitely last much longer than those who sleep on it daily.

#2. Firm mattresses are better for your back. 

Most of us in Singapore probably grew up hearing our moms nagging at us to stop slouching and sit up straight. A firm mattress is believed to give our spine better support as we lie in bed, just like how we usually choose a sofa with cushions that are firmer so that it does not promote slouching or bad sitting positions. However, the firmness of a mattress you should purchase really depends on your sleeping position as well as your weight. As a generic rule of thumb, it is best if you get medium-firm to firm mattresses if you sleep on your back and soft to medium-soft mattresses if you sleep on your sides.

#3. Flip your mattress every now and then to keep it in good condition. 

Most mattresses today are made with a top side and a bottom side, where the top side is made with comfort in mind. This means that they should not be flipped as it defeats the purpose of creating a side which is more comfortable for the sleeper. What you should do instead is rotate your mattress, not flip them.







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#4. Mattresses with a longer warranty are better. 

Of course, everyone wants to be covered for a longer period of time in case their purchase is faulty. However, do you know what exactly does your warranty entails? Warranty only covers the workmanship and the materials of the mattress, not the life expectancy of it. So don’t bet on replacing your mattress if you see some wear and tear a few years down the road or just before the warranty ends! 

#5. If you toss and turn during the night, the mattress is not for you. 

Tossing and turning during sleep is pretty normal as it’s your body’s natural reaction to alleviate any pain or pressure point after being in the same sleeping position. A good mattress will reduce your movement throughout the night by providing relief to your pressure point despite staying in the same position, allowing you to enjoy a good night of sleep. 

Learn how to choose the right mattress for you! 

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