How To Choose A Mattress In 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that the thicker the mattress does not necessarily mean that the better the mattress is? The firmness level is another crucial factor in deciding if the mattress is suitable for you. Learn how to tell what kind of mattress in Singapore is suitable for you with this simple and easy guide before you make your next purchase. 

With a budget in mind, here are three questions to answer to help you choose a suitable mattress for you. 

Firstly, decide what kind of material do you prefer? 

There are a total of five different types of mattresses – Innerspring, Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrid and Pillow-top.

Innerspring: Most traditional type of mattress using coils for support and the most affordable one which is known to last for decades. 

Latex: Known for its cooling effect, providing comfort and a good bounce. Under latex, there are two types you can choose from – natural and synthetic. Natural latex is environmentally friendly with a higher price tag. Synthetic mixes synthetic polymers with natural tree sap, and hence it will be more budget-friendly. 




King Size Bed Frames

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Memory Foam: Conforms to the shape of your body, with motion isolation capability. However, it can retain heat which might not be ideal for someone who enjoys a cool night sleep. 

Hybrid: As the name suggests, it combines the traditional innerspring with memory foam to offer the best of both worlds – good support from the coils and contouring from the memory foam. It prevents motion transfer as well with the use of memory foam as the top layer! However, this is usually one of the most expensive options on the market! 

Pillow-top: The base material usually uses either coil, latex or memory foam with a layer of soft material attached on top to provide more comfort. It also feels more luxurious to touch and cost more than the average mattresses. 

Second, what is your favourite sleeping position? 

Your favourite sleeping position would determine the level of firmness for your new mattress. Even if you toss and switch your sleeping position throughout the night, pick one favourite sleeping position! 

Back: Choose a mattress with a firmness level of 5-7 to avoid sinking into the mattress and causing back pain. 

Side: Side sleepers usually experience discomfort or pain in their hip joints and shoulders. Choose a mattress with a firmness level of 3-6. 

Stomach: Like back sleepers, choose a mattress with a firmness level of 5 -7 to avoid sinking into the mattress and causing your spine to curve. However, sleeping on your stomach is known to be one of the worst sleeping position, so avoid sleeping in this position if you can!







Medium Firm

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What’s your weight? 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to announce your weight to the salesperson! Weight is another important deciding factor for the level of firmness for your mattress. Naturally, someone on the heavier side would require a mattress with a higher level of firmness to provide adequate support for them. Here’s a rough guideline: 

Under 70kg: 5-6 firmness [3 – 4 firmness if you prefer something sofer]

70kg – 90kg: 5 -7 firmness [3 – 5 firmness if you prefer something sofer]

Above 90kg: Go for a thicker mattress with higher level of firmness. 


  1. What material do you prefer? 
  2. Your favourite sleeping position?
  3. Your weight? 

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