Why you should head to Wihardja Singapore for your next sofa?

Why you should head to Wihardja Singapore for your next sofa in Singapore?


When you are hardly looking for advices for your next sofas, you should consider to head to Wihardja Singapore. They will amaze you with their collection especially if you’re a die-hard fan of wood furniture. Don’t worry about the price, even though Wihardja as a great collections and displays but they set a very reasonable and feasible price. As you go to Wihardja, you’ll forget any ideas to ship any sofas or other furniture from China or Malaysia, so you don’t have to worry about any shipping problems. In fact, you can get a better experience and satisfaction as you can check and test the furniture in person.

A number of reasons explain why you should head to Wihardja Singapore for your next sofa. Wihardja Furniture is actually a local brand that has been around since the 90s. Wihardja Singapore specialize in teak wood furnishing and teak wood furniture.

Even though Wihardja experts in Balinese style furniture and furnishings, you can still find of the styles and designs. Wihardja Singapore crafts wide range of furniture styles including, Rustic, Natural, Contemporary, Industrial, and even Resort. The wooden furnishings are very astonishing as they’re designed to be low maintenance and last for decades. Wihardja furniture only require simple treatment and maintenance that can be performed by yourself.

The surprising fact is that Wihardja is very wise in choosing the craftsmen. Wihardja Singapore places their factory in Central Java, where the expert and experienced craftsmen gathered in one place. The teak wood itself is from Indonesia, it means that Wihardja let right materials to be crafted by the right craftsmen. You’ll be amazed that the hand-touch of the Wihardja furniture keeps the identity of the materials and cultures. The quality of materials and crafting are questionable.

A Wihardja teak wood sofa can be your perfect choice to decorate your home. It’s perfectly crafted, durable, and beautiful. As you purchase a sofa from Wihardja Singapore, it means long term investment. It will last for decades and still remains elegant and astonishing. The breathtaking silver gray patina color will be formed over the time. The furniture of Wihardja Singapore are mostly limited items, you can simply check their catalog for models and designs overview.  

Those are the reason why you should head to Wihardja Singapore for your next sofa. You can simply visit their workshops or showrooms one at Enterprise One in Kaki Bukit and another at Sungei Kadut, so you can check and test your sofa singapore in person.



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