Why you should drop by Wihardja when shopping for bed frames?

Why you should drop by Wihardja when shopping for bed frames?


When you prefer a framed bed you should choose whether it’s built from metal or wooden material. Well, if you prefer wooden materials than the metal-based bed frames then you should consider dropping by Wihardja when shopping for bed frames. Indeed, Wihardja has a bunch of bed frames collection that includes metal-based bed frames in it. However, Wihardja is well known to have an astonishing collection in wooden materials furniture. Wihardja furniture collections are the Oase in the middle of foreign brands of furniture. You can simply visit their workshops or showrooms one at Enterprise One in Kaki Bukit and another at Sungei Kadut furniture, so you can check and test your sofa in person. Shopping without bedroom ideas can tough.

Wihardja is the Singaporean local brand that has a bunch of wood furniture collections. Wihardja experts in teak wood furniture, they have almost type of furniture and furnishings in Teak wood. Wihardja has been around since the 90s, providing the teak wood experiences throughout the country. While the factory of Wihardja is actually located in central Java Indonesia, the place where the Teak wood comes from. The furniture and furnishings are imported to Singapore so they’re available now in Kaki Bukit and Sungei Kadut.


They have teak wood bed frame products which are very stylish and remarkable. You can find any teak wood bed frame that suits your queen size, king size, single, super single, and the bunk bed. Well, if you want to be more focused, check Wihardja Gideon teak wood bed frames. they’re very wonderful as they have rustic and modern styles to be crossed in a single product of bed frames. Wihardja teak wood bed frames will make your bedroom more stylish and eligible.

The quality of Wihardja teak wood bed frame is incredible. The manufactures wisely choose the teakwood to give the elegant and charming looks instead of using other kinds of softwoods or hardwoods. As you reach the Wihardja showrooms, you can find the bed frame in the various style of bed frames. The use of teak also strengthens the character of Wihardja bed frames to be strong but yet stylish. The use of teak wood also allows you to perform simple treatment and maintenance on your Wihardja teak wood.


You can simply check the online catalog of Wihardja by visiting their official website to find your desired bed frames. Visiting their offline stores is very advisable so you can check your desired Wihardja bed frames in person.

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