Why I prefer furniture made from teak, as compared to other kinds of wood?

Why I prefer furniture made from teak, as compared to other kinds of wood?


When the day of home decorating come, buying new furniture become one of your agenda. However, buying a furniture can become difficult homeworks as there are tons of designs, styles, materials, and brands. Speaking of materials, wooden furniture is still favorite among the people compared to other materials.

One of the most popular wooden materials is the Teak wood. This wood is categorized as one of the hardwoods. Tons of advantages will be yours as you purchase any teak wood furniture. Those advantages are the reason why I prefer furniture made from teak compared to other kinds of woods.




Teak Wood has tremendous durability compared to other kinds of woods and hardwoods. Teak wood can flex and bend in certain ways that prevent it from extreme cracking or breaking. Furthermore, Teak wood can resist and stand up to moisture very well. You don’t have to worry if your teak wood furniture gets wet as it won’t damaged at all. Teak wood also performs great resistance of humidity. This character made Teak wood suit all of the bathroom furniture as it can stand up the watery atmosphere or outdoor furniture can stand through summer, winter, fall, or spring very well. Humidity and moist conditions aren’t enemies of Teak wood. When Teak wood gets wet, it’s also unnecessary to wipe it out, no problem will occur. For its durability, its idea for storage shelves like bookshelves.


Strength and Beautiful Aging


As your purchase teak wood furniture, you’ll be amazed by its weight capacity. Teak wood can maintain weight more than other kinds of hardwoods, even though it also depends on the quality of the crafting. When it gets older you’ll find it will turn the color into silver gray patina, a color that can’t be imitated by any painting. Some designs will make Teak wood give an old and rustic touch to your home. Teak wood seems to last forever.


Simple Maintenance


Teak wood is very easy to clean. You wouldn’t have to invest any wood oil, special soap, special cloth or other tools to maintain your teak wood furniture. Even though it’s placed in outdoor, Teak wood still need no special treatment, you can simply clean it on regular basis with simple tools. Teak wood furniture will remain fresh, elegant, and charming over the time.  

Teak wood quality isn’t questionable. However, it leaves you with several other considerations as there is a bunch of teak wood furniture available in various designs and styles. As the teak wood is a long time investment, it’s suggested to choose furniture with evergreen designs, avoid any contemporary designs.


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