Singapore’s Black and White Colonial Houses Interior Style Tips

Though it is not as common today, you must have seen British Colonial Houses also affectionately known as the Black-and-White Bungalows exclusively in Dempsey Road, Adam Park, Portsdown Road and Rochester Park. Being in view of these houses just transports us back to the country’s colonial past. 

History Of Singapore’s British Colonial Houses

In the late 1800s to the early 1900s when Singapore was under British rule, these beautiful houses featuring dark timbre beams against white walls were built to house British high-ranking officials as well as rich businessmen or plantation owners. However, during the Japanese Occupation, they were abandoned and the Japanese took over. 

With urban development and land price increasing, most of these houses are demolished today. An estimate of 500 Black-and-White houses remains and the majority of these belongs to the State which is being conserved by the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority). 

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The Designer Behind Black-and-White Bungalows

Originally a Malay fishing village, Malay style houses which are elevated on pillars to protect the houses from flood or water dotted around the sunny island. Drawing inspirations from these houses, architect Regent Alfred John Bidwell designed and built the Black-and-White colonial houses. He is also the architect behind the iconic Raffles Hotel and the Victoria Memorial Hall! 

Get The Look

If you have always been fascinated by the style and decor of these homes that is rich with Singapore’s history, get the look for your space with these style tips below!


White-washed Walls

The rooms are primarily large and bright with a monochromatic colour scheme for its interior. The ceilings of these Black-and-White houses are also usually high, making it airy and spacious. Antiques and retro home decors fill up the house, making it the perfect interior style for your home if you love a vintage and a rustic vibe to your space. 

For a more modern look to your space, change out the vintage and retro home decorations, simply keeping the monochromatic look to your space. 

Expat Living Singapore [outdoors]

Black and White Blinds

Nothing gives a more local touch then the iconic Kopitiam wooden dining chairs in Singapore as well as the round marble dining table. It’s marble surface provides a cooling surface to rest tour arms on in Singapore’s humid weather.

Completed with black and white outdoor blinds, it completes the Singapore British Colonial interior. Other than the outdoors, the black and white blinds are also perfect for your bathroom and bedroom to offer shade when the sun shines through the room! 

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Lush Green Plants

Botanicals also play a huge part in decorating these houses. On this warm tropical island, trees and plants are planted around the house to provide shade. Get some indoor plants for the living room, bedroom and even your bathroom in Singapore. Bring in the lush green landscape for a serene and relax space. Some indoor plants are also great for filtering and purifying the air!


Black and White Checkered Floor

Wooden flooring or black and white tiles are commonly used for the floor in these houses. Inspired by the local elements in Singapore, flower tiles with Peranakan motifs are also popularly used for a vibrant and unique space. 


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