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Bed Frames Singapore


The solid wood bed frames singapore can acculturate the modern and traditional values in one room. That’s why it is important to choose the right bed frame for your bedroom. Your bedroom focal point can be bunk beds, single size, super single size, queen size or king size. To provide such comfortable medium for sleeping, you will also need to choose the right bed frames singapore.


The good bed frames will make the bedroom more welcoming and enhance. When it comes to the wooden bed frames, many people often confuse the word “contemporary” and “modern”. Describing the kind of furniture is easy. The word “modern” implies the specific design after the 80s. The design is recognised by its simplicity, cleanliness, and uncluttered shapes.


Meanwhile, contemporary is the opposite of the modern. Contemporary bed frames singapore comes in many styles and shapes which are more dynamic to choose. When shopping around, browsing around the contemporary furniture gallery can be overwhelming.


The top example of contemporary bedroom furniture is the bunk beds which can help you to save some space. But it does not end up there. There are many furniture pieces which come with small drawers or bookshelf. The versatile contemporary bed frames singapore are often chosen over modern furniture simply because they have more to offer.


The other popular bed frame is the one which comes with canopy. Although it is considered as traditional design, it has evolved to cater the modern user’s needs. Most recent canopy bed frames come with a clean, sleek and minimalist design.


Although some of the products are made of metal for the sake of sturdiness, many choose wooden bed frame since it is long lasting, more compact, and stylish. Plus, it can easily complement the entire room.


The solid hardwood bed frames singapore are usually made of some popular woods such as teak, oak, ash, cherry, cheddar, maple, mahogany, and redwood.


Teak has been considered as the most versatile since it is not only beautiful but also long lasting and durable. Teak can last for up to 100 years if maintained well. Some folks even leave it untreated to change the color of the teak. The normal teak color is brownish gold. When it is left outside exposed to the weather and sun, it will turn to silver grey, which is marvelous. When it comes to bedroom necessity, you will have the freedom to treat your bed frames singapore as you wish. There are plenty options to choose. Take your time and browse our site, Wihardja, to come across the bed frames singapore that you need.


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