Teak wood verses Suar Wood

Teak wood verses Suar Wood


The furniture singapore is well-known the best one in the world due to the quality of designs and of course the materials. Two of the most trending wooden materials are teak wood verses suar wood. The competition between teak wood verses suar wood is driven by their similar characters and functionalities. Teak wood verses Suar wood competition is perfectly manifested in the furniture singapore. At this point, if you’re confused whether teak wood or suar wood for your furniture singapore, you can pay attention to these following explanation about teak wood verses suar wood. This would be essential knowledge when it comes to selecting your next solid wood dining table.

Teak Wood


Teak Wood has oldest records to be used on incredible furniture singapore. Teak wood is categorized as the hardwood. However, Teak wood doesn’t require any oiling or staining to maintain the durability.  It has very tight grain so it can give smooth, solid, and perfect surfaces for any furniture singapore. As you get teak wood furniture singapore you’ll prefer to let it stained into its wooden tones, it’s the remarkable and the beautiful advantage of using teak wood for your furniture singapore. The aging process gives the teak wood to maintain maturity as it will have the silver grey patina color to the teak wood. Surprisingly, you just need to leave it untreated to maintain its optimum beauty.  Teak wood is recognized to be the ideal wooden materials to build any good quality and elegant furniture singapore.


Suar Wood


In other hand customers of furniture singapore is spoiled by the Suar wood furniture. Suar wood or Albizia Saman is one of the largest tropical rain trees. Suar wood has great resistance on any cracking movement as they grow up. As it’s cut down into wooden blocks, suar wood maintains its consistency and become a durable and robust wood. The suar wood is famous of its strength and the resistance to any wood termites and decay. Those characteristics make the suar wood is crafting-friendly for any furniture. The Suar wood is very compatible for making any fine tables. However, today Suar wood is being favorite to applied in the various furniture singapore like bookshelves, tv console, working tables, wooden chairs, and so forth.

Suar wood suits any furniture singapore designs, as it suits simple and contemporary designs and any carving. Suar wood can also maintain the humidity without getting moist. Suar wood only requires basic maintenance as you need only water and soap or oil to clean suar wood furniture singapore.


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