Increase Storage Space Easily in Your Living Room with these 3 Items!

As BTO flats are decreasing in size over the years, the struggle with space is also becoming real! The living room is one area which most people overlooked; you can maximize storage space in your living room with the right furniture in Singapore!

For example, getting a coffee table in Singapore with a hidden storage compartment so you can your magazines or other items such as remote controls away from sight, keeping your living room neat and clutter-free. Continue reading below to see what are the items that can help to increase storage space in your living room! 

wooden sofa singapore

Madeline Teak Daybed

Start with your sofa! Though sofas’ main function is to provide a cushy and comfortable seat so that we can rest after a tiring day out, we’ve added drawers at the bottom of a daybed for extra storage space! Keep your small and loose items in the drawers for easy reach. Color of cushion is also customizable, but ff you have your idea of how the daybed should be like, let us know and we can help you achieve it!

Make your daybed more comfy too with some cushions for the back or leave it empty so that it is more cooling in Singapore’s humid weather! Besides, it also makes cleaning easy – simply wipe it the wooden daybed frame with a wet cloth and varnish with some teak oil and it will look good as new! 

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Stanford Teak Round Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Donatello Teak Side Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Fiora Teak Side Table Rattan


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Lorene Suar Wood Stool


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Zaccheus Suar Wood Stool


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Verona Suar Wood Stool


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Quinna Suar Wood Stool


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Philbert Suar Wood Display Stand


Industrial Storage Drum Stool With Different Colours

Khyland Industrial Storage Drum Stool

How about placing some stools around your living room? These aesthetically-pleasing stools can be put away for decorative purposes, or pull out to increase seating capacity in your living room. Now, everyone can be seated in the living room comfortably instead of squeezing on the sofa. However, don’t take these as normal stools – they have a hidden storage space under the lid! You can store some card games or board games for a night of fun when you have friends over! 


Nicholas Teak Storage Box

Storage box is a great alternative to having a coffee table especially when your living room is small. They provide a small sturdy surface to place your mugs or remote controls and a compartment to keep some other knick-knacks without taking too much space in the living room. Place it beside your sofa and you have a handy surface! 

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