Guide On Renting Out Your HDB Property in Singapore

With the inflation of everything except salary, Singaporeans are starting to look for a second income to cope with these additional bills. Whether you are looking for an extra income to spend a bit more freely or to help cover some household expenses, these side jobs which we can carry out in our free time seems like a good idea.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to make use of their free time to earn some extra cash, right? However, if you do not have any talent or passion for those commonly listed – such as tutoring, translations of documents or a part-time photographer, there is still hope! Get your house looking those Airbnb listing and rent out a room to earn a second income! Sounds easy and simple, right? It is! But before we jump into some tips and tricks to make your house look appealing, there are some important things to note, especially for the HDB flat owners.

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For HDB flats owners

Eligibility of HDB owners. Any HDB owners that wished to rent out their flat must be a Singapore Citizen. Singapore Permanent Resident HDB owners are not eligible. Owners also have to fulfill the five-year minimum occupation period. If the flat is purchased without any housing grant, the minimum occupation period will be cut down to three years. 

Number of occupants. There is a limit to the number of occupants and it is dependent on the size of the flat. While the occupancy for a three-room flat and above is up to six including the owner and family, one-and two-room flats are only up to four. Note that one and two-room flats can rent out the whole flat, but they cannot choose to rent out only their bedrooms. 

No visitors. Though HDB flat owners can rent out their flats on Airbnb, they are only allowed to rent to foreigners with a valid permit or a pass. To put it simply, they are not allowed to rent to tourists. 

Minimum stay of six months. Even if they are renting out to foreigners with the required pass, they have to make sure that they are renting for a minimum of six months. Any period of rental below the stated minimum months will be considered a breach of law and may risk facing fines or have their property reclaim by HDB. 

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With all that ironed out, start appealing to tenants with a home that look as amazing as those on Airbnb listing by following these few guidelines!

Identify your target group. Are you looking to rent out spaces to foreign students studying in Singapore? Or visitors with long-term social visit pass? Depending on the target group, it will greatly affect the look and functionality of your space. 

Decide on a home concept. With a set target audience in mind, decide on the home concept that will most likely appeal to them! As a general guideline, the space should always look warm and inviting. How about incorporating elements of nature? Or items of local design such as the Pandan cake cushions? Or how about these cute gem biscuit cushions that bring back childhood memories? They are great as conversation starters with your guests and it will make them feel right at home! 

Essentials. A desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a bed frame in Singapore – are some of the basic furniture to purchase. However, a tip while making these purchases is to choose furniture that can help maximize space. For example, getting a bunk bed or a bed frame with a pull-out bed so that it can accommodate two people while only occupying the space of a single bed.

You can also add some elements to show your consideration, such as providing some books with information on Singapore or information brochures or leaflets. 

Tip: If you’re on a tight budget, work with the current furniture you have! Purchase self-adhesive wallpaper to give it a new color and make it look brand new! You can also go onto platforms which are selling second-hand furniture and look for those which are still in prime condition! Or look out for furniture stores that are having clearance sales! Wihardja is currently having clearance sales on some of its items so do check the website here!

Photography skills. With everything in place, it’s time to take that shot! Shoot from an angle to capture the whole space in a picture. Try to shoot from multiple angles as well, such as close-ups to capture details and elements. Another tip is to shoot with natural light. This will make the space feel bright and inviting. 

Description. Lastly, decide what to include for the descriptions of your room. Focus on what is special about your place. Is it a short walking distance to the mrt? What else is there to offer? A shopping mall nearby for entertainment? Or a 24hr eatery? Include what can your guest expect to find in the room as well. 

If you have any rules or expectations from the guest, it’s a good idea to state it out clearly. Do not accept just anyone that is willing to rent your room. After all, they will be occupying your house for at least six months and you do not want any troubles from your neighbours or the authorities!


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