Dressing Tables For Vanity Areas In Small Bedrooms In Singapore

SIngapore’s homes might be small, but it’s not impossible to include a vanity area for the wives! Check out our dressing tables in Singapore that comes with a mirror and drawers or hidden compartments to keep your table clutter-free. Some comes with matching chair. Customize one now according to the dimension you need for your bedrooms and keep your wives happy! Buy vanity mirror and dressing tables in Singapore today from Wihardja. 

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Table For The Corner

This triangular vanity desk is the perfect solution for you to maximize any corners of your bedroom that is too small to place a dressing table. 

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Floating Shelf

Or free up standing space by mounting a shelf onto the walls as a surface for your vanity area. Get shelves with drawers so you can hide away clutters and keep your the surface of your table neat. 

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Minimalist Dressing Table Set

Instead of opting for vanity dressing table that often comes with large mirror that makes your small bedroom look even more cluttered and small, opt for dressing tables with smaller mirrors, such as this one with a triangle mirror. 


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Glass Top With Two Drawers

Use a glass top for your vanity table to declutter your room visually. Your bedroom will look more spacious! 

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Vanity Leaning Ladder Desk 

If you have a small unused wall, utilize it with this vanity leaning ladder. It comes with hooks and shelves that help you to fully make use of available vertical space!

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