Always Caught In a Dilemma of Choosing?

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When you’re faced with a multitude of choices, do you experience difficulty in making a decision? 

It can be deciding on where to go for a vacation, or as simple as deciding what’s for dinner! By understanding what are some reasons for the cause of your indecisiveness, it might help you or (the people around who always ask for your advice but still ends with ‘I still dunno leh…’) out of your dilemma! 

01 When you’re faced with a multitude of choices. 

When there are simply too many options to choose from, people tend to feel overwhelmed and this leads to uncertainty. It’s easy to choose between apple juice or orange juice, but suddenly when you have the option of apple-orange juice and other combinations, it becomes so much harder to decide – just like those pesky answers in MCQs where you can choose ‘A, B, C or A and C’ and you’re certain A is the answer but unsure if C is part of the answer too. What helps would be being clear of your goals and aims when you’re making a decision and stick by those instead of being swayed. 

02 People-pleaser 

You might not realize it, but you could be more concern about what others think of you than you think. When you try to please people around you, this affects most of your decision – from the choice of your dressing down to minute things such as your choice of food. The desire to please others clashes with your preferences, leading to indecisiveness. Why not just YOLO and choose what you love! 

03 Bad experience from past choices

You might have made some decisions in the past which turned out to be a total disappointment. Because of these past experiences, you slowly lose confidence in your decision-making, leading to indecisiveness when it comes to decision-making. To combat this, try to think of those experiences positively by reflecting on what you’ve learned from your bad decisions and think of those times when you actually made some good decisions!  

Now armed and equipped with the knowledge of what actually leads to indecisiveness, 

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