7 Things Everyone Should Know When Buying Furniture Online In Singapore

Purchasing furniture online is easy, convenient and saves time too! Instead of making a trip down to the physical showroom, you can now browse online and check out the items they carry. 

However, how do you ensure that the furniture will be a perfect fit for your space? To avoid the hassle of returns and refunds (refer to the furniture company’s return policy), here are 7 online shopping tips everyone should know when purchasing furniture online in Singapore.

#1. Consider The Material Used

Don’t be quick to think that you got yourself a good steal just because the price is good! Take note of the material used. For example, a piece of furniture crafted from solid teak wood would naturally cost more than furniture made from laminate, wood veneer or MDF boards.

Some furniture is slightly trickier to tell, constructed using solid wood for most of the furniture but using plywood or MDF boards for the backing or base. So pay attention to the material used or clarify with furniture shop to know if you’ve got yourself a really good deal!

#2. Look For Customers’ Photos.  

The colour of the furniture on websites will not look like how it does in a home as lighting used for the product photos will affect the colour of the product. So do visit social media pages to look for photos in customers’ homes so that you have a better idea of what it looks like in real life. 

Other than that, the brightness of your computer screen also affects the way the colour of the product look to you! If you can’t accept the discrepancy in colours, it’s still best to pay the showroom a visit to view it in person!

#3. What Are Other Customers Saying?   

Visual aesthetics is important, and a lot of people base their decision to purchase a furniture online solely on the product image. However, you should also consider other factors, such as the usability of the furniture. Search for reviews on their social media or look for the company’s Google review and check what others are saying to make an informed decision!

#4. Take measurements

Take down the measurement of the furniture you intend to purchase and grab a painter’s tape! Use the painter’s tape to create an outline of the furniture so that it can help you to visualize better how the furniture will fit in your space. The last thing anyone wants is to have a piece of furniture that is too bulky for their space!

#5. Return And Refund Policy

Check the furniture company’s return and refund policy. What are the steps needed in the scenario that you need to return the item? Are there stocking fee charges or other charges? If your item is customized, usually returns are not allowed. So read the site thoroughly to know what are your options in case of returns.

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#6. Transportation

Look at the furniture company’s delivery option. Do they allow cash and carry? If yes, you can save on delivery fees if you can collect the item yourself! Other than that, consider the dimension of the furniture. Can the length of that tv console you wanted fit into your lift? If it can’t fit into your lift, you might want to reconsider your purchase or pay extra for the flight of stairs climbed to deliver your furniture to your unit. 

#7. See And Touch

If the furniture company has a physical showroom, nothing beats making a trip down to the showroom to see and feel the item for yourself! Stores now usually do not carry the whole range of furniture that’s on the website, so do call and check if the item is on display to avoid making a wasted trip.

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