6 Ways To Do Your Part At Home For The Environment

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1. Switch Off The Power 

Switch off the power of any unused electrical appliances. Did you know that standby power, which refers to the power drawn by an appliance when it’s not in use can cost an average of $100 per household per year? By flicking that switch off, you can save this amount! 

2. Raise the heat

Air-conditioners are known to consume alot of electricity. Set your aircon at 25 degrees or higher. Turn on the fan function and set it to auto. This helps to keep the room cool enough, saving energy and money. For every degree raised, you could be saving $25 per year! 

3. Say No To Plastic Bags

Plastic bags contribute to plastic pollution. Did you know that plastic bags and other plastic waste in the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 marine life every year? Bring along a reusable bag the next time you’re out grocery shopping. 

4. House Plants

Grow some house plants or herbs at home. Not only do they help to create clean air at home, they also act as a cushion, absorbing noises.

5. Walk more

If it’s just a few bus stops away, walk or take the bicycle! You’ll get a healthy dose of exercise, while doing your part for the environment by not contributing to the carbon emission that is emitted from cars and other transport.

6. Say No To Cutleries

With many of us working from home during this pandemic, food deliveries is one of the most hassle-free way of settling lunch at home. Most food delivery apps have made ‘no cutleries’ as default, so do check when you’re placing your order! This help to reduce plastic waste. 

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