5 Small Balcony Outdoor Set To Utilize Your Space

Housings in Singapore are undeniably getting smaller. Homeowners with balcony often find themselves in a dilemma between the option of retaining the balcony space as it is or extending the living room into the balcony area. 

While it is tempting to extend the living room into the balcony area, it comes with a much hefty pricetag to do so and you will also lose an outdoor area that can be used for many other purposes as well other than using it for laundry. 

For avid planters, it is the perfect spot for plants that thrives under direct sunlight. With the right outdoor furniture in Singapore, the small balcony area can be turned into a communal space perfect for BBQs or just a relaxing corner that offers a break away from the hustle and bustle of life! 

Here are some small balcony ideas that will transform your balcony in Singapore into an outdoor sanctuary!  

1. Industrial Upcycled Oil Barrels

Yes, this Aden Industrial Drum Set of 3 is really upcycled from old oil barrels! With a fresh new coat of paint and topping it with some wooden planks for seats and table top, the old oil barrels take on a whole new look. This set is perfect for adding a laid-back and grungy vibe to your balcony. 

Tables & Chairs

Roche Industrial Set of 3


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Shaniece Teak Balcony Set Of 5



2. Chic Industrial Balcony Set

This Arabell Industrial Set of 3 Silver lends a futuristic look to your patioor balcony. Recycled from old oil drums, it is not only environmentally-friendly but provides both functionality and style. Spray painted on the table writes ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, adding a funky touch to the set. 

3. Natural Teak Outdoor Swing

Swing and unwind on your balcony with this Cole Teak Swing! Crafted from teak, it is perfect for the outdoor weather. It also comes with a canopy to offer some shelter from the sun during hot day Add some potted plants on your balcony to turn it with 

Tables & Chairs

Daniel Teak Balcony Set


Tables & Chairs

Elijah Teak Balcony Set



Shelton Balcony Set of 3


4. Rustic Teak Balcony Coffee Table

Outdoor balcony set in Singapore are usually designed for 2 pax. Made of solid teak wood, this Shaniece Teak Balcony Set Of 5 is designed for 4 pax yet does not take too much floor space at the same time. Simply tuck your stools away underneath the coffee table when not in use. It is the perfect addition for bigger families in their balcony to create an outdoor sanctuary! 

5. Parisian Patio Set 

Inspired from the streets of Rome, this Othello Balcony Set of 3 is made of mosaic tiles and black metal frame. The intricate patterns created by the mosaic tiles will certainly draw your guests’ breaths away! Recreate the movie scene where the protagonist sits and chill with a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying the morning sun.

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