5 Effortless Tips To Find Inner Zen at Work

Whether you’re working in the office or in your home office in Singapore, things at work can get pretty hectic and busy. While it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and meetings, there are some simple tips that can help you to manage your work better instead of feeling like you are drowning in endless amount of tasks and stay on top of the game! 

1. Stop rushing to work

Being late or rushing to work actually increases your stress level and you might just start your day on a bad note, being stressed the first thing in the morning. Get up early for a quick jog or exercise and enjoy your breakfast before going to work!

2. Keep your work desk clutter-free!

If you need some help in de-cluttering your workspace, easy! Just use the Marie Kondo method and ask – does this spark joy? Okay honestly, that might not work as your items are all probably work-related and some of them certainly do not spark joy, I know. However, make it a habit to store papers or items that you barely use away by getting a cabinet in Singapore, or a tray to keep things organized. Keeping a clean and neat work desk helps you to reduce visual mess, and looking at a neat desk can lower your level of stress and help you to focus better as well.

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3. Spread out your schedule

It can be stressful to see your work schedule fully packed with meetings and important tasks to do. What I like to do is to spread out my schedule – mix the stressful tasks with other ones that you enjoy doing or find it less stressful! If you’re feeling super productive that day, then go for it! It is important to recognize that not every day can be a productive day. So, take a deep breath and relax instead of feeling frustrated even if it wasn’t a productive day.

4. Set a deadline for yourself!

Learn to set your own deadlines which are earlier than the deadline given by your boss or clients and stick to them. If you complete the task by your own given deadline, you’ll certainly feel a sense of achievement and have some breathing space for the next project! If not, you still have time left before the deadline given by your client or boss!

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5. Evaluate what irks you 

If you have a coworker or colleague that you dislike, figure out exactly why. Do you dislike your colleague because she made you feel insignificant when talking to her? Or do you resent her because of how she handles her work? Finding out these reasons why might help you to better counter the problem. Bring it up the next time you encounter your colleague! 

6. Review your work at the end of each day.

After a day of work, set aside time to track your progress. Have you completed the things you wished to be done by the end of the day? What are some other pending tasks which you failed to complete or start working on? From there, plan your goals for the next day. This will give you a clear direction for the next day. With priorities and tasks listed out, you’ll feel less stressful at work as well, knowing that you’re on schedule.

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