5 Design Tips For a Zen Sleep Sanctuary

The bedroom is one of the most important space at home. It’s where we rest and rejuvenate after a long and hectic day at work so that we can wake up bright the next day and prepare ourselves for the long day ahead again. 

If you have sleep-related issues, just as being unable to fall asleep or not having a well-rested sleep, you might want to relook at the decors of your bedroom again. Through sight, smell and touch, you can transform your sleeping quarters into a Zen and serene sanctuary for a peaceful sleep. 

Follow these design tips from the pros to make your bedroom in Singapore  a sleeping haven. 

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5 Design Tips For A Zen Bedroom


1. Neutral Colours


Think of places or colours that make you feel peaceful and calm. For the best practice, choose colours that you can find in nature – whites, neutral colours or soft blues. That’s also one of the reasons why art galleries mainly use white as its background colour, to provide a calm and still atmosphere where people can come into and appreciate art.

2. Keep The Lights Out


If you are especially sensitive to lights, make sure to use black-out curtains. Add a dimmer to control the brightness of your lights or a warm night light if you have trouble falling asleep. Decreasing the brightness of the lights in your bedroom just before bedtime and help to prevent your melatonin levels being suppressed. Melatonin is important for sleep and it helps to adjust our biological clock, telling us when it’s time to sleep! 

3. Section Your Bedroom


If you tend to work in your bedroom, section an area of your bedroom for the purpose of work by getting a desk in Singapore. You should only reserve your bed for sleeping, not for other activities such as working. This can help you enter the state of rest and sleep easier. Of course, it’s still best to work outside of your bedroom if you have space.

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4. Keep It Simple


Remove any other items that you do not frequently use for a spacious and streamlined bedroom. Your bedroom should be free of clutter and keeping it minimal for a peaceful vibe! 

5. Scent The Air

Lastly, scent your bedroom. Lavender is well-known for its calming and soothing properties that is good for relaxation. Because of its amazing properties, lavender is used widely in aromatherapy! You can scent the room by using an air humidifier or air diffuser.

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