5 Creative Ways to Wall Off a Space at Home

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Entryway is the first impression your guests have of your home when they enter your house. Small BTO? No worries! There are some creative alternatives to creating a fake wall! Not only are fake walls expensive, they’re also permanent and it will block any natural sunlight coming in! 

Some of these alternatives are also cost-friendly, perfect if you have a low budget left after purchasing your furniture and home appliances for your new house. They also acts as a flexible partition compared to having a permanent one.

Check these alternatives for some ideas and you might just find that perfect solution for your entryway. 

Glass Panels With Black Metal Frame 

Opt for a glass panels that come with black metal frame for your room partition in Singapore to complete the industrial-look or that modern contemporary-look. It’s also does not block out any parts of the house visually, perfect for you to glance and see what your kids are doing as they roam about the living room. 

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Frosted Glass 

Using frosted glass still allows natural light to flow through the whole room, brightening up the space while sectioning the entryway from the rest of the living room. If you want to create an interesting and fun visual behind the frosted glass panel, buy furniture in Singapore with pops of color!

Slatted Wood Partition

If you are looking for an organic touch to your space, the wooden slatted partition is a great and simple solution. It lends a warm and cosy vibe to the room. Best part? It does not stop the flow and air ventilation in the house, so wind is still able to blow through your entryway into your living room to help take off some heat in Singapore’s humid weather. 


Curtains are another alternative to your partitions! They are more ideal for enclosed rooms where wind will not blow or move the curtains as much. Otherwise, you can try looking for curtains with weight so that the curtains will not be affected by the movement of the wind! 


Blinds are perhaps one of the cheapest partition solution! You can get them easily locally in Singapore companies selling blinds and curtains to the length you need. Simply install hooks on the ceiling and you’re done! 

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