5 Crazy Wood Carvings Around The World You Won’t Believe How Long It Took

Our teak wood furniture consists of intricate carvings, like this beautiful teak daybed, but nothing compares to these master sculptors! The amount of time and dedication goes into each artwork is shown in the final piece. Some looked so surreal that it’s hard to believe they were actually carved out of wood! Check out the wood sculptures of these amazing sculptors! 

Intricate woodcut print

This intricate woodcut print took two years on and off to design and make! The print includes mountains, trees, leaves and rivers on a board measuring 71cm x 117cm.

Source: Colossal 

Longest Wooden Carving By Zheng Chunhui

This 12 meter-long sculpture took the artist Zheng Chunhui 4 years to complete. It’s inspiration was taken from a famous scroll painting in China, called ‘Along the River During the Qingming Festival’ which showcase the daily lives of people in the China dynasty in 11th century.









Giant Lion

Along with 20 other sculptors, Dengding Rui took over 3 years to carve this lion out of a redwood tree trunk. Carved in Myanmar, it was relocated to China after the sculpture is completed.


Tung Min-Chin

Meant to convey the emotional struggles everyone faces, sculptor Tung Ming-Chin carves wood that seems to be pressed against a surface, as if they were trapped in one of his artwork ‘Inner Turmoil’. There are also some other fascinating artworks that took many hours to achieve completion, each with a message to convey to its audience.


Like-life Animal Sculptures

Using a chainsaw and a block of wood, German artist J├╝rgen Lingl-Rebetez is able to transform wood into any animals that look so surreal. It’s hard to imagine how detailed and life-like each sculpture can be by using chainsaw which was thought to be meant for heavy works only! 


Shelves & Cabinets

Evangelyn Teak Sideboard




Shelves & Cabinets

Seleen Teak Cabinet Rattan


Office Storage

Ellianne Teak Cabinet



Office Storage

Tammie Teak Sideboard


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