3 Reasons Why Round Dining Tables Is The Right One For Your Home

3 Reasons Why Round Dining Table Is Better For Smaller Spaces

Most homeowners in Singapore are naturally inclined to purchase rectangular dining tables for their home, given the layout of the usual HDB flats are usually rectangular in area. While rectangular tables work well in most spaces, sometimes a round dining table will be a better fit for your home. 

If you are unsure of whether a rectangular or a round dining table is a better fit for your dining room, continue reading below for some advise! 

#1. Better Flow

Nope, we’re not talking about Feng Shui here, although a round dining table is generally considered better for Feng Shui compared to rectangular dining tables as it allows for better distribution of energy. 

Ever wondered why restaurants use round tables? That’s because having round dining tables allow people to walk to their seats with much more ease compared to rectangular tables.

So if you find yourself having to avoid the corners of the dining table while moving around in the house, it might be time to switch to a round dining table instead for a better and smoother flow at home. 




#2. Better Interaction 

Ever went out and dine at a rectangular dining table in a large group? One problem is that people at the other end of the table will be left out of the conversation easily. It makes chatting with everyone in the group harder. With a round dining table, everyone is facing the centre of the table, which allows them to turn their focus easily to whoever is speaking at the moment. This will make interacting with each diner at the table easier and more comfortable. 

Other than that, if you have a large family, round tables will also be a much more practical option as it allows everyone on the table to reach for the dishes much easier. If you love hosting parties for your friends and family, do consider a round dining table in Singapore instead! 

#3. Small Space

If you have a small dining area, a round dining table will be the perfect solution for you to maximize your space! A round dining table that can seat four pax compared to a rectangular dining table that can seat the same amount of people will take up lesser floor space as there are no corners. 

With that being said, it also depends on the size and shape of your area as well. If you have a small squarish area or is at a corner of the wall, round dining tables will work perfectly. 

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