Why You Should Buy A Teak Dining Table Instead of A Mdf Dining Table

Why You Should Buy A Teak Dining Table Instead of A MDF Dining Table


Wood furniture singapore is just the right piece to add to your dining room. And we talk about it, you can’t go wrong with teak dining table singapore. For some folks, it is a new way to decorate the home. If it is the first time for you too, then you need to know quick facts why teak is much better than MDF, the one that you often see in the market.


But let’s first comprehend the importance of dining table in your house. The dining table is not only for presenting foods. It is the focal point of the room wherein your family will gather and do more than eating the dinner. This creates the opportunity for each member to talk and interact with other members of the family.







Dining table singapore is something that you will have for a long time. You probably want to purchase only one. What you need is something well designed and crafted. Not to mention that it has to be sturdy and durable. It can be a pricey investment, but you’ll realise that it is very rewarding.


Your dining table will go through party wear and high uses. Choose the dining table singapore made of hardwood, more especially teak. Some folks are tempted to get the cheaper one. MDF often comes as solution for them. Well, it is true that it is more affordable but it is not as strong as teak. Not to mention that when MDF furniture pieces are scratched, spilled, stained, there is nothing you can do other than put them in the trash can. Nowadays there is a solution for everyone.



Dining Chairs

Hemen Teak Arm Chair






If you are looking something which lasts long, teak wood furniture singapore is the best option for you. This hardwood furniture can withstand the extreme weather and moisture-resistant. And thanks to the natural oils produced in the timber, it will ease the maintenance business. You won’t need to purchase expensive wood treatment products or so. You could just use the mild soap to clean the spill, and that’s it. The natural oils are also repellant to termites and insects. That is also the perk which the MDF furniture can’t offer.


With teak furniture like dining table singapore, you will have peace of mind when inviting your friends or guests over. They will be wowed with the exquisite furniture piece in your dining room. The good thing about teak dining table singapore is that it can work with any theme of your room. If you want to arrange or rearrange your dining room, you can go wrong with it. Check our collections at Wihardja to know more about wood furniture singapore.








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