Why kind of wood is teak and how its related to furniture in Singapore?

Why kind of wood is teak and how its related to furniture in Singapore?

The wood furniture Singapore is available in many choices. You can find any materials like teak wood, suar wood, oak wood, acacia wood, cedar wood, rattan, bamboo and so forth. Well, some wood only suitable for indoor or outdoor only. Most of the outdoor furniture singapore requires wooden materials that contain a high amount of oil, so it can stand hard outdoor exposures for years. Teak wood is well known to have very high oil contents, that’s the main reason on why teak wood can be so durable without any special treatment or maintenance. The hardness is the other element that confirms teak wood to be used in outdoor furniture singapore.

50 years is the ideal age for any teak tree to maintain its maturity. It will produce enough wood oil that can perform durability and beauty of teak wood furniture singapore. The highest grade of teak wood can perform extreme low to high-temperature resistance, so it can confidently pass the winter and the summer. It won’t have any cracks, warps, and termites. It’s also reported that having teak wood furniture singapore in your home can repel any insects including the mosquitos.

According to the characters, teak wood becomes favorite wooden material from craftsmanship. Central Java, Indonesia is the center of teak wood furniture singapore crafting. In this place, many high-skilled carpenters craft the best quality teak wood furniture singapore and export them around the world. Teak wood is very flexible to be applied to various styles and designs. The teak wood furniture singapore is manufactured or crafted in classic, rustic, modern to postmodern, styles and designs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in oriental or western styles, for outdoor or indoor usage, teak will definitely suit them all.

Teak wood Furniture singapore is a lifetime investment. Teakwood furniture will maintain long life durability. The beauty arrives along with the aging process. You can apply teak wood for indoor or outdoor usage. You can let your patio chairs and tables left outside untreated. The color of the teak wood will change as the summer and winter passed by. The sunlight exposure will turn the teak wood into silver gray patina. You can apply protector or oil to beautify and maintain the colors. Simple maintenance will optimize the beauty of teak wood furniture singapore and you wouldn’t have to worry about its durability. The beauty and the durability are the two main reasons why teak wood is used to build any good quality outdoor or indoor furniture singapore.

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